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chain reaction

A series of events wherein the outcome of each instance specifically influences or causes the next. The phrase comes from the occurrence of such reactions in chemistry and physics. Deciding to take a course studying James Joyce in college set up a chain reaction that ultimately led me to move to Ireland. When one bookshelf fell, it caused a chain reaction that knocked over all the rest.
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gut reaction

A reaction to a situation based on a person's instinct and feelings, rather than on a logical analysis. My initial gut reaction was that the merger would result in a drop in stock prices, but the opposite turned out to be true.
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knee-jerk reaction

Fig. an automatic or reflex reaction; an immediate reaction made without examining causes or facts. With one of his typical knee-jerk reactions, he said no immediately, citing some moral argument that no one understood.
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chain reaction

A series of events in which each influences or gives rise to the next event, as in If one person collects substantial damages by suing a company, you can expect a chain reaction of such lawsuits . The term originated in the physical sciences, first (1920s) chemistry and later (1940) physics; in the latter it denotes a process of nuclear fission. By the 1940s it had been transferred to more general use.
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a gut reaction

COMMON A gut reaction is a reaction that you have immediately and strongly, without thinking about something or being aware of your reasons. At first my gut reaction was to never write again. My heart's loyal to the party but my gut reaction is to vote against the bill.
1. If you describe a task or activity as gut-busting, you mean it is very hard work. It would be hard work, he predicted — back-breaking, gut-busting, unbelievably hard work.
2. You can use gut-busting to describe a very large amount of food. Walker set a record by eating a gut-busting 32 pies.
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gut reaction (to something)

n. a basic and immediate response to something. Her gut reaction to the plan is basically a good one.
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gut reaction

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