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I don't knock anybody he's faced and am not looking past him," said Raines.
Daniel Arriaga, COO of high-profile dealership group Freedom Powersports, agrees with Raines.
After their dismissals, Raines wrote Gerald a letter suggesting that they meet for drinks.
Raines says empowering and engaging employees is one of the most important keys to success.
The yield of DMF isn't fabulous yet, but that second step hasn't been optimized," said Raines.
Can Raines get to the bottom of things and put this annoying ghost to rest?
Raines says robot sumo isn't a violent contact sport and these robots don't destroy each other like those noisy machines on the Discovery Channel do.
If Raines was watching, he came in presumably after a tranquil day of fly fishing, his passion, and presumably with no great surprise, given his obvious understanding of newspaper culture.
Raines, who had never seen eye to eye with regulators, was adamant in his declaration that no such improprieties would be found at Fannie Mae.
The Shiloh sisters; a Harrison Raines Civil War mystery.
His comments appeared in the August 20 New York Post, two weeks after Boyd broke his silence about his June 5 resignation along with the executive editor, Howell Raines.
Howell Raines and Gerald Boyd had been mired in a controversy that started five weeks ago when a 27-year-old reporter -- who had been caught making up quotes and incidents and reporting them as fact -- quit the paper after his fabrications had been revealed.
Now executive editor, Raines this year announced that the Times would join the growing number of papers that print same-sex commitment ceremony announcements alongside its wedding notices.
Shirley Raines has been awarded the highest honor ACEI confers on a professional educator within the membership--the Patty Smith Hill Award.
Yet rather than taking bows for these glittering results, Raines finds himself fending off criticism.