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always chasing rainbows

tending to look for something (more) exciting and (more) rewarding but without realistic expectations. He can't seem to settle down and enjoy life. He's always chasing rainbows.
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chasing rainbows

trying to achieve something that is not possible or practical He wanted to go into show business, but friends told him to quit chasing rainbows.
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chase rainbows

to waste your time trying to get or achieve something impossible (usually in continuous tenses) I don't think my parents ever believed I'd make it as an actor. I think they thought I was just chasing rainbows.
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n. a bowlegged person. (Also a rude term of address.) Ask that rainbow if he has to have special trousers made.
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Once you told me That maybe with people The more full they are The more empty they feel You are a wise wise young man Too young and too old too You are as you rise in the rainbowed morning full of owls Camp embankments surrounding your face Which is plentiful with cheeks My soupy breasts full of nothing But the great expanse of nihilism I truly believe in God is not nothing but I am So I believe in me And I believe in you, although you are something More spirit in me than I will ever be More me than I will ever be Only me though, you know Only me because I will never be that strong
This ink, so Black it is rainbowed, so pure it signifies despite the Ethiopic's salty waters, so rich even its clarity complicates, could only have come from Oduduwa's cosmic womb.
Studio Nova highlighted a rainbowed wall of colorful glass plates and bowls, as well as beverageware and juicers.
Renowned wildlife photographer Stephen Kirkpatrick focuses on familiar surroundings in his sixth coffee table book, Wilder Mississippi, which features everything from majestic white-tail deer to colorful snakes, scaly alligators to cheerful songbirds, elusive gobblers to rainbowed wood ducks.