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interj. rolling on the floor laughing. (Used in electronic mail and computer forum or news group messages. Not pronounced aloud.) I was ROTFL when I read your note. That was too much.


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It also explains the meaning of chatty and personal internet shortforms such as FWIW, MUSM, ROFL, JMHO and SOHF.
The program, ROFL (translated "Value for Pocket Money"), was launched on January 23, 2001, on Viasat satellite network and TDC OnCable network in Scandinavia.
Or is he so honest that he actually rolls on the floor and laughs before sending ROFL in text/chat reply?
After midnight on Tuesday, when the fifth one signed off with "hugs n kisses to u n yours xxx", I went into ROFL mode - ranting on floor loudly.
As per the NCBI ROFL blog, the patient would go blind immediately after the ejaculation but the blindness would never occur while performing any other strenuous exercise.
The birthday party will include a live performance of Diggnation with hosts Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose, along with performances by other Revision3 stars, including Alex Koll from ROFL and Brian Brushwood from Scam School.
BCNU -- Be Seeing You LOL -- Laughing Out Loud ROFL -- Rolling On Floor Laughing More acronyms and shorthand on http://www.