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interj. rolling on the floor laughing. (Used in electronic mail and computer forum or news group messages. Not pronounced aloud.) I was ROTFL when I read your note. That was too much.


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I've always been keen on encouraging young people to get involved in non-mainstream sports and ROF 59 provides a brilliant venue for me to do that with the trampoline park and climbing walls.
ROF 59 (standing for Royal Ordnance Factory 59) has been built on the site of the former Presswork Metals factory, which had stood empty for more than six years, after Finley Structures invested more than PS1.
Our concern is whether the risk indicators associated with variability of the ROF ratings correspond to the significant factors in a model explaining low solvency cover.
John Finley inside the bullet-making factory before work got underway, and right, once work had been carried out and mixed-leisure complex ROF 59 completed
Chris has taken on the role of head chef at ROF 59 after spotting the job opportunity on a recruitment website.
Final touches to the climbing walls are being carried out now and it is hoped ROF 59 will be open to the public some time in July.
The drill core is transported in batches in sealed bags to the Actlabs prep lab in Timmins, Ontario by ROF personnel.
The Gwent League semi-finals are: Abergavenny v Red Lion, ROF Club v Panteg House.
The role of the producer from Eifionydd, Morris Jones was also key to the theatre's continuing success from the mid 1940s onwards after he met the colourful and eccentric landowner, ROF Wynne of the old Welsh gentry family, the Wynnes at the 1945 Rhosllannerchrugog Eisteddfod.
After all, my mother, still alive at 92, would find it hard to prove her service at ROF Bridgend were it not for her few surviving workmates.
After retiring from ROF Birtley, the businessman everyone knew as "Alec" acted as a mentor, board member and shareholder at games business Eutechnyx, run by his sons Brian and Darren.
The Government's last pathetic excuse for not granting ROF workers due recognition was that there were also munitions workers in private industry
Caerleon opened the door by losing to Panteg, but both Wheatsheaf A and ROF A failed to take full advantage.
It is reported that thousands were directed from Liverpool to work at ROF Marchwiel near Wrexham and re-located locally.