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and hi-res (ˈhɑɪˈrɛz)
mod. good; satisfying. (From high-resolution, referring to the picture quality of a computer monitor. Compare this with low-res.) I sure feel hi-res today.




and lo-res (ˈloˈrɛz)
mod. poor; unpleasant. (From low resolution in a computer terminal. Compare this with high-res.) The party is lo-res. Let’s cruise.


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The company will introduce all RES ONE solutions including RES ONE Security, RES ONE Workspace, RES ONE Service Store and RES ONE Automation to the Middle East market at the ICT trade show.
RES HyperDrive also features remote wipe capability to ensure that IT retains the ultimate control of business data - even on remote devices.
RES Workspace Manager 2012 offers a single management tool across numerous devices and platforms, negating the need for multiple methods to achieve the same results.
Nomadesk's philosophy is perfectly aligned with that of RES Software, which is the desire to deliver simplified IT solutions and great technology for our customers," said Darren Trumeter, CEO of Nomadesk.
The market's need for what RES Software provides is real, and is growing at a rapid pace," continues Mr.
Service providers interested in the RSP program offered through Ingram Micro can combine the benefits of RES Software technology with Citrix solutions through key integration available through the Citrix Service Provider (CSP) program.
Steve Jackson, vice president channels and strategic alliances for RES Software, commented, "Doctors, nurses and consultants all rely on IT assets to treat patients; they want to concentrate on providing care rather than on how to use IT.
More information about how RES and Intel are working together can be found in the following resources:
Today's workforce requires an optimal mix of IT services on their choice of devices in order to be highly productive, especially in the federal government," said Gene Bonacci, vice president, channels and strategic alliances at RES Software.
Successful completion of RES Automation Manager 2011 Basic exam by May 1, 2012 is necessary to retain RES Certified Professional Status.
The RES Software demo lab in the MPSC will feature all RES Software technologies, including RES Workspace Manager and RES Automation Manager, which make up RES Dynamic Desktop Studio.
RES was happy to participate in the UEM Smackdown and is thrilled that the market now has a thorough guide for comparing different solutions available to help enhance and speed the roll out of critical desktop projects, like desktop virtualization and Windows 7 deployments," said Bob Janssen, CTO and Co-founder of RES Software.
BERLIN -- At Citrix Synergy today, RES Software, the proven leader in dynamic desktop solutions, announced enhanced features to RES Automation Manager (formerly RES Wisdom), which provides task automation and resource provisioning for Microsoft Windows.
IT as a Service Becomes a Reality by Combining RES Software Workspace and Automation Management with Service Orchestration and Reverse Seamless Capabilities
Successfully Completing RES PowerFuse 2010 Basic Exam is Critical Step in Confirming Channel Partners and Customers as RES Certified Professionals and Trainers