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a rum go

dated An odd, strange, or surprising occurrence, situation, or turn of events, especially one that might be considered somewhat disreputable or distasteful. Primarily heard in UK. A young man taking a wife so much older than himself? My word, what a rum go that is! Well, this is a rum go if I've ever seen one: the kitchen porter has just been made the head chef!
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a rum do

  (British old-fashioned)
if a situation is a rum do, it is strange and people often do not approve of it All three of his ex-wives still live with him. It's a rum do if you ask me.
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and rum-dum (ˈrəmˈdəm)
1. n. a drunkard; a ruined alcoholic. I don’t want to end up like a dirty rum-dumb.
2. n. a stupid person. Hey, rumdum, wise up and do what you are told.
3. mod. alcohol intoxicated. The old lady got rumdum on gin.


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rummed (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. Sailors like to go into town and get rummed up.
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See also: rum