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pumpkin head

1. A dim-witted or unintelligent person; a dolt. Why did I ever hire that pumpkin head? He can't do anything right around here.
2. prison slang A prisoner who has been beaten severely about the face and head; such an attack itself. (So called due to the swelling of the head that results.) No one went near the pumpkin head after his beating from one of the prison gangs, which had served as a warning to the other inmates. Whatever fellow prisoners might do to you, it's the guards you have to look out for. They're very fond of giving a pumpkin head to anyone to who steps out of line.
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turn into a pumpkin

To have to return home or go to bed due to the late hour of the night. (Usually used as a present participle, the phrase is a reference to the story of Cinderella, whose magic carriage turned into a pumpkin at midnight.) I've had a wonderful time, but I'm turning into a pumpkin. I think I'll call a cab and head home.
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some pumpkins

dated Someone or something that is particularly great, special, wonderful, etc. Did you see Tracey's new car? Boy, it's some pumpkins, huh? I've stated seeing this amazing guy from Belgium. He's some pumpkins!
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some pumpkins

 and some punkins
someone or something great or special. (Old.) That chick is some punk-ins! Isn't this little gadget really some pumpkins?
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some pumpkins

and some punkins
n. someone or something great or special. That chick is some punkins!
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The maple tree and the dahlias both recovered and blossomed, and new pumpkins grew in the field.
Pumpkin is an ingredient to use year-round, but most people think more "pumpkin-y" in the fall and winter.
Caption: Many cats like pumpkin--and it's good for them--but keep them away from carved pumpkins, which can develop mold inside quickly.
Here's a recipe for pumpkin soup that fits the bill and needs only four ingredients.
Now the almighty pumpkin is celebrated all across America on National Pumpkin Day 6 which falls on Wednesday this year.
Growing giant pumpkins begins each spring on Seedling Sunday.
The 31st annual AppleFest at Wachusett Mountain featured the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off with nine pumpkins and one giant squash in the line-up Saturday afternoon.
My chickens weren't crazy about the actual raw meat of the leftover pumpkins, so I cooked chunks of pumpkin until they were soft.
What we do know is that these first domesticated fruits contained the distinctive orange pigmentation of true pumpkins.
HALLOWEEN MINI PUMPKINS SOUP So easy to make and so tasty, make plenty and freeze some too.
INGREDIENTS 1 kg pumpkin or butternut squash 3 tbsp sunflower oil 2 onions, peeled and finely chopped 500ml vegetable or chicken stock 11/2 tbsp Tabasco(r) Pepper Sauce 150ml double cream 6-8 mini pumpkins (for serving in) METHOD 1.
After trying pumpkins from Iowa, organic pumpkins, and pumpkins from the local grocery store.
Although many Americans tend to think of fresh pumpkins as ornaments, they have a lot of potential beyond being the official mascot of Halloween and the fall season.
For some, the idea of making pumpkins that mimic 18th century creamware dishes (that one comes courtesy of Martha Stewart's Living magazine) is simply ridiculous.
Native Americans used to feed raw pumpkins to their horses.