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pumpkin head

1. A dim-witted or unintelligent person; a dolt. Why did I ever hire that pumpkin head? He can't do anything right around here.
2. prison slang A prisoner who has been beaten severely about the face and head; such an attack itself. (So called due to the swelling of the head that results.) No one went near the pumpkin head after his beating from one of the prison gangs, which had served as a warning to the other inmates. Whatever fellow prisoners might do to you, it's the guards you have to look out for. They're very fond of giving a pumpkin head to anyone to who steps out of line.
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turn into a pumpkin

To have to return home or go to bed due to the late hour of the night. (Usually used as a present participle, the phrase is a reference to the story of Cinderella, whose magic carriage turned into a pumpkin at midnight.) I've had a wonderful time, but I'm turning into a pumpkin. I think I'll call a cab and head home.
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some pumpkins

dated Someone or something that is particularly great, special, wonderful, etc. Did you see Tracey's new car? Boy, it's some pumpkins, huh? I've stated seeing this amazing guy from Belgium. He's some pumpkins!
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some pumpkins

 and some punkins
someone or something great or special. (Old.) That chick is some punk-ins! Isn't this little gadget really some pumpkins?
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some pumpkins

and some punkins
n. someone or something great or special. That chick is some punkins!
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People had their pictures taken with the pumpkins, exclaimed over the pumpkins' size, and asked questions of the members of the Franklin County Giant Pumpkin Growers Association on how they grew them.
Serve in small hollowed out pumpkins or individual bowls topped with pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of Tabasco.
A member of the gourd family, pumpkins are native to North America and have been cultivated for about 9,000 years in various parts of the world.
You can buy serrated cutters, pokers and other tools specifically designed for pumpkins at Web sites, but you probably already have many of the same implements.
To help pumpkins grow faster, some gardeners feed them milk.
Giant pumpkins are fun to grow, but Amber says producing a winner is lots of work.
Customers have been requesting pumpkins throughout the course of the year, as its profile has been heightened through healthy eating programmes promoting the fact that they contain Potassium, Vitamin A, are diet friendly and that the pumpkins seeds once toasted are a healthy snack.
When Tim carved his first pumpkin, it was fierce and funny and just perfect.
Rather than carving a turnip, pumpkins were made into lanterns by the Americans, enjoying the fuller cavity offered by the fruit.
The pumpkins were bright orange such as those we see occasionally in piles along the highway to be used as jack-o-lanterns.
Look to the pumpkin patch for meeting NCTM standards.
Last year when the Nesbits, Gordons, and friends got together for their annual pumpkin party, they carved more than 70 pumpkins into scary, funny, and exotic faces and Halloween scenes.
I've developed the plant to produce cute ornamental pumpkins," Loy says.
In Boston, more than 100,000 people from all over New England came to the Boston Common, bringing and carving pumpkins in an effort to help break the Guinness World Record.
Hill, co-chairman of the annual fundraiser, said volunteers are needed to help unload thousands of pumpkins expected at the church at 9 a.