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pub crawl

A tour of local pubs or bars, usually with the purpose of having one or more drinks at each along the way. We're going on a literary pub crawl tonight to visit all the pubs the city's famous authors used to frequent. That's the last time I do a pub crawl; my body just can't handle that much booze anymore!
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a ˈpub crawl

(British English, informal) a visit to several pubs, going straight from one to the next and drinking in each one: We went on a pub crawl last night.
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Though I believe the description "regular" should be reserved to those I only ever see in one pub (and just one part of it, probably).
The awards, which drew a record number of entries this year, feature 16 categories, including ones for the best live entertainment pub, best freehouse, best cider bar or pub, best spirits bar or pub, best managed pub, best food pub and best student pub.
A spokeswoman for Greene King said: "Sadly, after very careful consideration, we have taken the difficult decision to sell the Poet's Corner pub in Cardiff.
At one point we were seeing 60 pubs close a week and the West Midlands has been one of the worst hit areas in the country.
ANORTH East MP helped lead demands for reforms to the pub industry which resulted in a Government defeat in the House of Commons - and could cut the cost of a pint.
In a pub packed with appreciative customers on Saturday afternoon, Camra's regional director Ian Saunders congratulated the couple on their success in re-opening the premises and turning it into a thriving community pub and real ale brewery.
And when you think that Scottish pubs employ more than 100,000 people, you realise they also make a major economic impact.
Mintel, the market research company, found that even infrequent pub-goers agree that it is important to have a good pub near where they live.
Some pubs are still thriving but Arfur Daley, editor of the Brew Wales blog and a spokesman for the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra), said the smoking ban and cheap supermarket booze had meant the traditional pubs had been hit hard.
The Piccadilly Pub restaurant chain apparently closed a number of its restaurants yesterday.
Now UKIP MEP Mr Clark has pledged to support British Pub Week and backed calls to amend the smoking ban and alter the VAT rules to allow pubs to compete with supermarket prices.
ClickPress, Tue Aug 23 2011] Save our pubs -- that's the message from East Midlands MEP Derek Clark.
WITH news of pubs closing almost daily, a great and long-standing tradition of pubs as community social gathering points has never more been under threat.
THE booze business is going down the tubes in rural Ireland as figures reveal almost 1,000 pubs have closed in the past three years.
You won't help your cause by just telling your pubs clerk to order the HMMWV -10 TMs.