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live like a king

to live in a very comfortable way with all the luxuries you want He lived like a king for six months, drinking champagne and driving a Porsche, until the money finally ran out.
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Prince Charming

a woman's Prince Charming is her perfect partner How much time have you wasted sitting around waiting for Prince Charming to appear?
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live like a king

Also, live like a prince. Enjoy a lavish style of living, as in He spared no expense, preferring to live like a king as long as he could, or Since they got their inheritance, the Andersons are living like princes. This expression continues to be used despite the much smaller role royalty plays in the present day. [Mid-1500s]
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Prince Albert

n. cannabis in general, especially marijuana sold or transported in a Prince Albert pipe tobacco can. (From the 1960s, but still heard.) Where can I get a can of Prince Albert?
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