Practice makes perfect

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Practice makes perfect.

Prov. Cliché Doing something over and over again is the only way to learn to do it well. Jill: I'm not going to try to play the piano anymore. I always make so many mistakes. Jane: Don't give up. Practice makes perfect. Child: How come you're so good at peeling potatoes? Father: I did it a lot in the army, and practice makes perfect.
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Practice makes perfect.

something that you say which means if you do something many times you will learn to do it very well You can't expect to become a brilliant dancer overnight, but practice makes perfect.
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practice makes perfect

Frequently doing something makes one better at doing it, as in I've knit at least a hundred sweaters, but in my case practice hasn't made perfect. This proverbial expression was once put as Use makes mastery, but by 1560 the present form had become established.
See also: make, perfect, practice
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About Practice Makes Perfect: Practice Makes Perfect is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2011 by six Cornell students-three of whom graduated from two of New York City's most struggling public high schools.
All proceeds from this event and any additional monetary donations will allow Practice Makes Perfect to provide summer educational programming in low-income NYC neighborhoods.
albion rovers 3 CLYDE 0 ROVERS wing king Gary Phillips insisted practice makes perfect after he fired a double to sink Clyde.
There's also an element of practice makes perfect when it comes to the perfect pie and it's amazing to have won the judges' approval for a second year".
Having sex 104 times before falling pregnant does sound rather a lot, but as they say, practice makes perfect," the Daily Star quoted Dr Mike Smith, of pregnancy testing kit firm First Response, as saying.
But while Woosie was struggling to find his touch, John Cook was sizzling as he underlined the old adage that practice makes perfect.
However, it isn't quite true that practice makes perfect.
No matter how poised, confident or proficient they may seem, the best networkers got that way by following a basic tenet: practice makes perfect
5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Practice Makes Perfect CEO Karim Abouelnaga was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 2015 list today in the education category.
The Bishop Walsh Catholic Secondary School pupil then proved her linguistic skills again as she took first place in the Cantenian speaking competition with a speech about whether practice makes perfect at St Peter's School, in Solihull, on April 21.
OLE GUNNAR SOLSKJAER is convinced Cristiano Ronaldo's exceptional form is just a question of practice makes perfect for the young Manchester United winger.
A team of firefighters are hoping to prove practice makes perfect when they head off to defend their title as world car crash extrication champions.
Practice makes perfect - even when you are already as close to it as makes little difference.
Practice makes perfect with false lashes, but sadly none of us have the time, or the money to go through hundreds of sets of lashes to learn