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little pitchers have long ears

Children hear everything, especially when you least expect them to. The "ear" of a water pitcher is the handle. Please watch what you say around the kids—little pitchers have long ears, you know. A: "Where did little Susie learn that inappropriate word?" B: "Who knows. Little pitchers have long ears."
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the pitcher will go to the well once too often

A period of good luck will eventually end. I know that being on a winning streak is very exciting, but just remember that the pitcher will go to the well once too often. I'm sure he will continue to break the law until he gets caught. The pitcher will go to the well once too often.
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Little pitchers have big ears.

Prov. Children like to listen to adult conversations and can understand a lot of what they hear. (Used to warn another adult not to talk about something because there is a child present.) I started to tell Mary about the date I had on Saturday, but she interrupted me, saying, "Little pitchers have big ears," and looked pointedly at her six-year-old daughter, who was in the room with us.
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little pitchers have big ears

Young children often overhear something they should not. For example, Don't use any swear words around Brian-little pitchers have big ears. This metaphoric expression, which likens the curved handle of a pitcher to the human ear, was already in John Heywood's proverb collection of 1546.
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Pitchers attacked by Exyra are ultimately destroyed, and the plant, therefore, suffers a reduced ability to photosynthesize and acquire nitrogen.
The second and third pitchers you face in a ballgame are not usually as good as the starter, and so driving up the pitch count early in the ball game pays dividends later.
That's when pitchers hit the corners,'' explains Joe Girardi who caught Maddux during his first stint with the Cubs and now manages the Marlins.
Pitchers are by-and-large very poor hitters, making the marginal cost of a hit batsmen when a pitcher is at the plate high relative to that of other batters.
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No pitcher has led his league in ERA victories and strikeouts since the New York Mets' Dwight Gooden in 1986 For some voters, it is difficult to consider starting pitchers a most valuable player since they take the field just once every five games.
Although pitchers like Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson may appear to be trying to strike everyone out or see how many line drives their defense can catch, it is never necessarily so.
Take the Nepenthes bicalcarata, a species of pitcher plant: The pitchers are attached to the plant's leaves by a fat, hollow tendril--the perfect home for a small ant colony.
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