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get goose pimples

To get bumps on one's skin where one's body hair stands on end as the result of an intense feeling of cold, nervousness, anxiety, excitement, or fear. I got goose pimples watching that scary movie last night! Their concert was so amazing, I got goose pimples when they played their first song! It's so cold in here that I'm getting goose pimples.
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*goose bumps

 and *goose pimples
Fig. a prickly feeling related to having bumps on one's skin due to fear, excitement, or cold. (*Typically: get ~ have ~ give someone ∼.) When I hear that old song, I get goose bumps. I never have goose pimples, but my teeth chatter when it's cold.
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goose pimples

Also, goose bumps or flesh . Temporary rough skin caused by small raised bumps. For example, Horror movies always give me goose pimples, or She tends to get goose bumps whenever she goes to the dentist. This expression likens the skin of a plucked goose to the condition of human skin when a person is cold or afraid. [Early 1800s]
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The capsules work to eliminate the acne present not only on the face but on any part of the body by drying the inflamed spots and pimples harbouring bacteria.
We learned that not all acne bacteria trigger pimples - one strain may help keep skin healthy," said principal investigator Huiying Li, an assistant professor of molecular and medical pharmacology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.
Hacker created The Pimple Clinic program and today uses it for his children and patients, who report clearer skin and reduced outbreaks.
In this case, hard, indurated and itching pimples may be seen to ooze a gluey moisture if scratched.
Then germs can multiply and the pimples become infected.
I tried medicine, but the pimples wouldn't go away.
Even the title, Pickelporno (Pimpleporno, 1992), indicates that her work is concerned with sensual close-ups--with close-up shots of the skin that transform pimples and pores into potholes and stumbling blocks--and that the subjective magnifying glass is out of focus.
FDA cleared and clinically proven to clear pimples in as little as 24 hours, ThermaClear delivers a controlled, 2-second pulse of targeted heat directly to individual pimples, attacking acne at its source.
The 36-year-old actress has insisted that like everybody else, she too needs to work out and battle pimples as she is more of a mere mortal than people think.
I'd still love her if she had a face full of pimples," he said.
Study Finds Pimples a Universal Concern for 90% of Adults and 96% of Teens and More than Half of Adults Cite Stress as the Primary Cause of Blemishes
Being chauffeured to and from a ball last week, I was amazed that my buttocks could feel no pimples or potholes in the road.
This is giving me goose pimples,'' said Swisher, who sent the following e-mail to his former stars: ``Apparently both of you have figured out PPPPP (proper preparation precedes peak performance), so now all you have to do is FTNU (from the neck up) and BP (be patient) because this is the kind of competition where you have to be patient and HF (have fun).
As I approached her, goose pimples appeared only to be replaced by my expletives.
The man who sat in the back was aged about 30, with short black hair, pock-marked skin and pimples.