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take a long walk on a short pier

To go away and leave one alone because what is being done or said is very irritating. Often used as an imperative. (A less common variant on the phrase "take a walk off a short pier.") A: "The experiment might work better if you actually knew what you were supposed to be mixing together." B: "You know what, Jenny? Why don't you take a long walk on a short pier?"
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take a long walk off a short pier

Go away and leave me alone. What you are doing or saying is really irritating. I'm really tired of your constant criticisms. Why don't you take a long walk off a short pier?
See also: long, off, pier, short, take, walk

Take a long walk off a short pier.

 and Go play in the traffic.
Inf. Get out of here!; Go do something that will get you permanently out of here! Get out of here! Take a long walk off a short pier! You bother me. Go play in the traffic.
See also: long, off, pier, short, take, walk
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Like many piers, Penarth has experienced its fair share of dramas.
She has examined how the piers were built to tackle what had been a dangerous and exposed river for ships to enter, with the Black Middens rocks at Tynemouth, a sand bar across the mouth, and the Herd Sands off South Shields.
34 left and 4miles this is the world's longest pleasure pier and has an electric tram.
The snappers, groupers, sheepshead and black drum can be caught next to the pilings or out over the rocky bottom of the reefs that some piers have.
In 1990, the pier was severely damaged in a storm and it closed four years later.
IT looked like the end of the pier show as a great seaside landmark was engulfed by flames five years ago - but determined local people had other ideas.
Britain's oldest iron pleasure pier still draws crowds at Southport.
Since opening in 1869, the 681 foot long pier has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors young and old.
At the turn of the last century, almost a hundred piers existed: now only half remain and several face an uncertain future.
e Victorian piers, which were constructed using cast iron piles, steel frames and wooden deck-deck ing, all boast amusement arcades and rides and generate a collective income of around PS1.
On August Bank Holiday Monday, 1931, for instance, a fire destroyed the shelters and shops, the wooden pavilion and the decking, while on August 26, 1966, the White Funnel paddler Bristol Queen hit the pier in dense fog, causing extensive damage.
During the 1860s, more than 20 piers were begun and a similar number were constructed during the 1870s.
Volunteers can learn about how to develop an exhibition, archive work and find out about the history of Llandudno's piers.
The ceremony at the piers at Cullercoats Bay on Wednesday by North Tyneside Mayor Linda Arkley and representatives from the council's engineering team, the Environment Agency, Scott Wilson consultants and contractors Balfour Beatty.
Dom (guffaws): Oh Piers, you're wasted in this job.