Physician, heal thyself

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Physician, heal thyself.

Prov. Do not rebuke someone for a fault or problem you have yourself. (Biblical.) Ellen: You're such a spendthrift. You should go on a strict budget. Fred: But you manage money even worse than I do! Physician, heal thyself. Jane: You look like you're gaining weight. You should probably get more exercise. Alan: Physician, heal thyself. You're getting a little pudgy, too.
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This really is an acute case of physician, heal thyself.
And in a classic case of physician, heal thyself, the survey found that human resources professionals appear to cope less well with life events than their functions--they are more likely, it seems to take antidepressants, more likely to admit to making mistakes and more likely to experience a drop in productivity Or perhaps they are just more aware of what's happening to them?
Physician, heal thyself -- and leave us law-abiding gun owners alone.
That same life might, however, be spared by a simple injection of purest humility: physician, heal thyself.
Frankly daft':Respected broadcaster John Humphrys dismissed David Moffett's vision for the future of NHS Wales, saying it was a case of physician, heal thyself.
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