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perve on (one)

To give one lewd, suggestive, and unwelcome looks or remarks. Some guy keeps coming around and perving on us—I'm going to go tell the bouncer. Stop perving on that group of girls, Mike. You look like a total creep.
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perve on someone

in. to leer at someone. Make that jerk stop perving on me.
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Prostitutes serve men before marriage as well as after marriage by alleviating the need for a "minor wife" (Kabilsingh, 2009; Perve & Robinson, 2009).
London, August 19 ( ANI ): A couple of attractive ladies, one of whom attached a hidden camera to her behind, have busted passers-by in Los Angeles who perve at their posteriors and then posted the footage online.
I would argue that people watch shows like Real Deal, Meet the Romans and Grand Designs because of the content, not to perve on the presenters.
Some people call them flying rats, but I love seagulls, the way they perve over your food with their sideways eyes, then do that indignant shuffle when you turn to stare them down, denying that they want your chips.
Polaroids are always fun when you want to take naked pictures of your chick and you don't want that perve at the Wal-store making copies for himself.
I'm not a perve, but I'm more comfortable in the company of nude women than nude men.
Lord Archer went on out of the race to beco don Mayor in 2000 and for perjury and perve course of justice, after d had slept with a pros earlier libel case.