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Keeping up the metaphor of the political guillotine, the whole may be considered as the POSTHUMOUS PAPERS OF A DECAPITATED SURVEYOR: and the sketch which I am now bringing to a close, if too autobiographical for a modest person to publish in his lifetime, will readily be excused in a gentleman who writes from beyond the grave.
Whatever money the schoolmaster possessed, and he had received his quarter's pay but a day or two before, he must have had about his person at the time of his disappearance.
Virus transmission characteristics will not be completely known in advance, but difficulties in influenza control typically include peak infectivity early in illness, a short interval between cases, and to a lesser extent, transmission from persons with incubating or asymptomatic infection.
The time seems ripe for the concept off social capital and what is known about its relationship to employment chances to make the jump from sociology to the field off vocational rehabilitation and counseling for persons with disability.
Bush issued Executive Order 13224 blocking (freezing) the financial interests, including interests in insurance policies, of persons identified by the U.
Gifts to skip persons are referred to as "direct skips" under the Code, as defined in Sec.
Employment Services to unemployed persons in the Stormont, Dundas, Prescott and Russell HRCC areas.
The author, on the basis of an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing literature as well as the relevant opportunities and threats, proposes future directions for career counseling with lesbian, gay male, bisexual male and female, and transgendered persons.
4 cause of death among all persons; among persons age 65 and older, Alzheimer's is the ninth-leading cause of death of men and the fifth-leading cause of death of women nationwide.
The Crowded Praying Field: Why Second and Third Persons Are Needed, or the Dialectics of Relationship
For a greater understanding of the diverse worship styles among Hispanic Texas Baptists, it is essential that this study identify Hispanic persons living in Texas, because they are a heterogeneous, diverse group within themselves, and Hispanic Texas Baptist congregations mirror the same heterogeneity.
One major issue concerned all members in attendance--how to get agencies to enter wanted persons into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).
The following four sections discuss the main factors that determined whether bequests to relatives, friends, other persons and charity were made in eighteenth-century wills; these factors are testators' professional status, their family status, the formal characteristics of wills, and large-scale changes in popular culture in the political context of religious and church reforms.
Such programs for blind persons of any age are built on the premise that most tasks that need to be accomplished in any walk of life do not require vision.
Inurement is the improper diversion of an organizations' net earnings by persons with substantial influence over the organization for their private benefit or that of related parties (such as family members).
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