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Peoria is known for quality schools and well-planned residential neighborhoods.
At the Caterpillar site in East Peoria, the RM80 processed approximately 6,600 tons of concrete slabs in about 10 days.
In addition to the headline that struck my fancy, I was intrigued with a sentence that said in part, "The Peoria region, long considered the nation's barometer for middle-America values .
First of all, Marquette Heights is a small community in Tazewell County, which is on the other side of the Illinois River from Peoria.
Less than two weeks later, the 18-year-old was arrested following an altercation at a bar near the Padres' training complex in Peoria.
Peoria Justice of the Peace Lex Anderson barred the student from having any contact with Moore.
119 North Peoria Street #2C, Chicago, Illinois 60607
A few years ago, Charlotte Gates of Peoria, Illinois, had a son with Chris Winder.
The Peoria Journal Star adopted employee ownership several years ago to avoid being taken over by a chain, and in the process became something of a mini-chain itself.
3 million people in 20 counties in the Peoria, Bloomington, Champaign, and Decatur areas of Illinois.
A smart move to restore the rights of law-abiding citizens," is how ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson is characterizing the Peoria City Council's recent decision to repeal restrictions on armed self-defense.
com)-- The Peoria Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Blu Agave Arizona Kitchen and The Tasting Room, will be offering its 1st Annual Taste of the West Wine Festival, an enchanting afternoon of wine tasting, art, silent auction and delectable edibles.
Today, the Clippers are expected to select Shaun Livingston, an 18-year- old high school star from Peoria, Ill.
119 North Peoria Street, #2C, Chicago, Illinois 60607
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