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slang A person's tooth (usually pluralized). Be sure to brush your pearlies twice a day, or you might end up getting a cavity!

pearly whites

A person's set of teeth. Be sure to brush your pearly whites twice a day, or you might end up getting a cavity!
See also: pearly, white

the pearly gates

the entrance to heaven, where some people believe you go when you die I'll meet you at the pearly gates and we can compare notes.
See also: gate, pearly
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The Pearlies costumes are magnificent and may include dresses and hats.
One flash of Simon Cowell's blinding pearlies and his man-boobs and my ovaries spring to attention and do a jig'
She's suffered from every rare dental condition you can name (and a lot, such as "strained periodontal ligaments", that you can't) and she's had more cosmetic procedures done on her now perfect white-patent pearlies than you can count (from bleaching to veneers).
I PERSONALLY believe Gordon Brown's PR people when they tell us his teeth have been transformed from small, green, misshapen lumps into the perfectly regular pearlies now gracing his face purely as a by-product of ordinary dental maintenance.
But he eventually caved in to pressure and has since been flashing his perfect pearlies around London.
Keep your pearlies gleaming with a hygiene assessment, fluoride treatment, advice and thorough clean.
In Chicken Run, every feathered friend has two rows of huge pearlies.
The Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Health have appealed against the decision - so your rights to a gleaming row of pearlies may not last long.
She can toss the hair, wiggle the hips and flash those pearlies along with the best divas from Oz.
Ooh, brushing your teeth has gone all high tech - sonic electric toothbrushes are the the fastest way to clean your pearlies, and they also get rid of 97% of plaque after just one use.
Yes, Di gets out the best bib and tucker, flashes the pearlies at the photographers and stomps out on the charity trail herself.