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Revenge or retribution. Many people believe the demotion was payback for his refusal to support the legislation. I could see him staggering over to us, drunk as a skunk and looking for payback.

it's payback time

It is time for revenge against or retribution from someone or something; it is time for someone or something to get what they deserve. They stole the championship from us last year, but now it's payback time.
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it’s ˈpayback time

(especially American English, informal) used to say that you are now going to make somebody suffer because of something bad he/she did to you: You were mean to me when we were kids, and now it’s payback time!
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n. retribution. You hit me, I hit you. That’s your payback.
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Last year in Kirklees, 661 offenders were sentenced to Payback and 79,211 hours of work were completed to an equivalent value of pounds 469,721.
Offenders on a community payback scheme clearing an overgrown woodland park
In addition, they will also be able to earn two Payback points for every Rs.
The community payback unpaid workers have also been busy repairing and renovating all the benches in the town centre and the Whitesands as well as removing weeds and graffiti from around the town.
And, because no new game reveal would be without them, Need For Speed Payback has a bevy of pre-order bonuses and dedicated fan incentives.
To secure the necessary process efficiency, artegic developed an automated content processing solution for PAYBACK which can display the complex content condition logic in an efficient way.
The PAYBACK multi-channel bonus programme model means partners can realise communication activities with their customers with virtually no coverage losses.
Another shortcoming with simple payback is that it ignores the expense of doing nothing --a factor that economists have repeatedly shown is more persuasive to most consumers than the prospect of savings.
Community Payback projects include litter picking, clearing undergrowth, repairing and redecorating community centres and removing graffiti.
Mick O'Neill, Northumbria Probation Trust community payback coordinator for South Tyneside, said: "This is a perfect example of how offenders can add real value to communities through community payback.
For more information about Community Payback, please see our website www.
This week Community Payback, formerly known as community service, is 40 years old.
Prize: 1x DVD/Blu-ray of Payback Season as described, delivered within 28 days of closing date.
With an installed cost of $1,055,577 and an estimated annual savings of $656,162, the payback will be in 1.
He added that community payback schemes could act as a deterrent for others and help to reduce reoffending.