Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue.

Prov. It is good to be patient. Jill: I wish Mary would hurry up and call me back! Jane: Patience is a virtue. Fred: The doctor has kept us waiting for half an hour! If he doesn't call us into his office pretty soon, I may do something violent. Ellen: Calm down, dear. Patience is a virtue.
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For RJ Valencia, patience is a virtue one needs to survive the commuter trains in Metro Manila.
I have learned that patience is a virtue and now I am ready to listen to my father and my corner," added Donaire.
Patience is a virtue the Belfast pro has had to show throughout his career and it seems it is an attribute he will have to employ again as he tries to secure a prestigious title shot.
HUNGRY sandwich-snatcher William Morrison had two days in a police cell to ponder whether patience is a virtue.
But then, the movie's plodding pace won't displease those for whom patience is a virtue and Sunday afternoons are meant to be savored with popcorn and an early-bird dinner.
CRUSH FORECAST Things start out slow for you in the romance department, but patience is a virtue.