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If the arbitrator needs additional legal guidance, both parties must agree to provide it and the manner in which it is to be communicated to the arbitrator.
Based on this forensic work, the neutral CPA recommends to the parties and their attorneys an equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, along with an amount for alimony.
Since the early days of the AIDS epidemic, some gay men of all stripes have shunned condoms, whether at "conversion" parties as chronicled in the 2003 documentary The Gift, or simply because they don't like the feeling of wearing them.
Both parties significantly increased their hard money fundraising compared to four years ago.
Having a plan and adhering to it makes both your staff and residents/responsible parties aware that the facility expects to be paid on a timely basis.
For some girls, the security of nearby friends makes these parties more comfortable than one-on-one dating.
between al-Sadr's family and alHakim's family, however the political parties tried to explain it in the context of their political ideology.
10 Limitation on disclosure of nonpublic personal information to nonaffiliated third parties.
The tenant notified the landlord of its intention to exercise the option to renew lease and the parties entered into negotiations, but they were unable to agree upon the new rent for the renewal term.
Dispute resolution can be considered on a continuum of approaches, ranging from negotiation, over which the parties have complete control, to arbitration, the process over which they have the least control.
In framing discrete political positions in competition with other Jewish parties and organizations, leaders of the Jewish socialist parties articulated a politics of class, based upon a highly politicized ascription of class identities.
Your request to add third parties to your camp's liability insurance should be made in writing to your agent.
Its centerpiece is a trained, impartial third-party mediator who helps parties negotiate their own settlement of their dispute.
In time for millions of "big game" parties, Punchbowl Software Inc.