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hit (something) out of the (ball)park

To do or perform something extraordinarily well; to produce or earn an exceptional achievement. An allusion to hitting a home run in baseball that lands outside the stadium. Great job on that report, Jacobs—you really hit it out of the park! I'm pretty sure I hit that test out of the ballpark.
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park that thought

imperative Do not forget what you were saying, because I need to change the subject. Sorry, Mark, park that thought for a minute. I need to take this phone call.
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park the bus

In football (soccer), to employ all (or nearly all) of a team's active players in defending its own side of the pitch. Protecting a narrow one-point lead, it looks like the home team has parked the bus for the remaining minutes of the match.
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trailer (park) trash

derogatory slur A poor, uneducated, and unsophisticated person who lives in or was raised in a trailer park. Just because I come from a caravan park doesn't make me trailer trash. I'm working on my PhD at Harvard, for goodness' sake! I don't want my daughter going out with trailer park trash like him!
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in the same ballpark

1. Close to a specific cost or amount. I will only sell the house if the buyer's offer is in the same ballpark as the price I want to get. No, the salary isn't as high as I had hoped, but I accepted it because it's in the same ballpark at least.
2. Similar in overall nature or characteristics. I think the two countries are in the same ballpark when it comes to environmental policies.
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in park

[of an automobile transmission] having the gears locked so the automobile cannot move. The driver stopped the car and placed it in park. You have to be in park in order to start this car.
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park it (somewhere)

Inf. sit down somewhere; sit down and get out of the way. Hey, park it! You're in the way. Richard, park it over there in the corner. Stop pacing around. You make me nervous.
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in the same ballpark

If one person or thing is in the same ballpark as another, the first person or thing is similar to the second, or is as good as the second. Note: A ballpark is a park or stadium where baseball is played. As a general investigative agency, they're not in the same ballpark as the FBI. Their outlets aren't in the same ballpark as the larger superstores.
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a walk in the park

If something is a walk in the park, it is very easy or pleasant. That project was a walk in the park compared to this one. Compare with a piece of cake.
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a walk in the park

something very easy or trouble-free. informal
2001 Film Inside Out She acts her socks off and yet the zany quality, that was a walk in the park for Hepburn, seems like a struggle for her.
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a walk in the ˈpark

(especially American English) used to say that something is easy to do: We succeeded, but it was not a walk in the park for any of us.
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park in

To prevent some parked vehicle from being able to leave by blocking it with another vehicle: The van stopped in the right lane of traffic and parked a small car in. I honked my horn until the people who parked me in moved their car. My car was parked in, so I took a cab to my appointment.
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in. to neck or to make love, especially in a parked car. They still park, but they don’t have a name for it anymore.

park it (somewhere)

tv. sit down somewhere; sit down and get out of the way. Bart, park it over there in the corner. Stop pacing around. You make me nervous.
See also: park, somewhere

park it

See also: park

park the pink Plymouth

n. to copulate. He set out to park the pink plymouth but ended up in a train wreck.
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trailer park trash

and TPT
n. trailer park trash. My motor home cost more than your house, and you call me TPT?
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walk in the park

Something that is easy to do or accomplish.
See also: park, walk
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Signing players who are going to be available all year round is like laying your hands on a lottery ticket for regional coaches and in Parkes, the Scarlets hit the jackpot.
The principal teacher responsible for the history department said Parkes had falsified records of pupils passing NABs - qualifying assessments for the exams.
Mrs Burke added that if Mrs Parkes had been admitted straight to hospital on the afternoon she felt unwell "she would not have died.
Insp Carol Fullerton found Mr Parkes in a car on a road in Daventry on June 1 last year.
Check out the NSW TrainLink Parkes Elvis Festival Web site to learn more about it (Click
CCTV footage seized by police shows a hire car, recently loaned to Parkes, arriving at the scene.
To better understand how changes to our water systems affect our health and well-being, Parkes works with knowledge from across the sciences as well as research into social processes and health dynamics to answer questions about better water management.
Parkes also asked the teenager whether he could add her to his Facebook account and then went on to send her a series of emails.
Anyone with information about Edwin Parkes should call the confidential National Missing Persons Helpline on Freephone 0500 700 700.
Parkes also notes that this and other demographic groups' access to speedy communication technology makes it harder for movie promotional campaigns to sell lousy product these days.
Jailing Parkes, the judge, Mr Justice Roderick Evans QC, said: 'It should be understood the sentence is not intended to be a measure of the worth of the life you ended but intended to reflect your criminality.
TORONTO -- Andrew Parkes has been appointed president of Drug Trading, a division of the Katz Group.
Parkes was an Anglican minister who wrote extensively, and influentially, on Jewish-Christian relations and the situation of Jews in Israel, especially their conflict with the Palestinians.
The Parkes assembled the land 78 years ago in deals with R.
Parkes informs Ray, a thinly veiled portrait of Thurman, that the press will no longer turn a blind eye to the house's prurient behavior.