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pay packet

1. Literally, an envelope or small parcel containing an employee's earnings. Primarily heard in UK. Back when I started working here, before online banking and direct debit, everyone got their pay packet put in their hand at the end of each week.
2. By extension, a person's salary or rate of pay from an employer. Primarily heard in UK. The public outcry has been immense over revelations of the charity CEO's outrageous annual pay packet.
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cop a packet

To be seriously injured. This phrase originated in the military. I got sent home after copping a packet during my tour of duty.
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cop a packet

to become badly injured; to be wounded severely. (Originally military.) My uncle copped a packet in Normandy. If you want to cop a packet or worse, just stand up in that shallow trench, son.
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cop a packet

1 be killed, especially in battle. 2 contract a venereal disease. informal euphemistic
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make, lose, spend, etc. a ˈpacket

(informal) make, etc. a large amount of money: He went to the USA and made a packet in office property.We spent a packet on our weekend away — everything was so expensive.
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References in classic literature ?
We dropped to the Heights Receiving Towers twenty minutes ahead of time, and there hung at ease till the Yokohama Intermediate Packet could pull out and give us our proper slip.
I believe that, besides the packet, Captain Leclere confided a letter to his care.
It was not necessary to knock his friend on the head with the misguided packet.
No, no, it is not in the militia,” cried Elizabeth, showing the packet in her hand, and then drawing it back with a coquettish air;
very well," replied Colbert, and placing his hat between his knees, he began to unseal the packet.
The young man was silent: he had not opened the packet in his hand.
All here present may be witnesses that the whole packet of money is yours if you get it out.
Prince Andrew went to one and took out a small casket, from which he drew a packet wrapped in paper.
carrying what looked like a packet of sandwiches, but proved to be his requisites for the night done up in a neat paper parcel.
Then he rose to go, pressing a little packet into her palm.
She held out a dusty little packet tied with faded blue ribbon.
She drew a heavy packet from the recesses of the muff she carried.
I have been writing my greetings to my sweet wife; for I hear that a messenger goes from the prince to Southampton within the week, and he would gladly take a packet for me.
Notwithstanding the importance of the challenge, on the 19th of May he received a sealed packet containing the following superbly laconic reply:
There was a little packet directed in the well-known hand to Captain George Osborne, and some things lying about--a ring, a silver knife he had bought, as a boy, for her at a fair; a gold chain, and a locket with hair in it.