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bless your pointy little head

A condescending phrase used to patronize someone for being foolish or not very bright. You failed the exam because you thought the sun was a planet? Aw, bless your pointy little head.
See also: bless, head, little, pointy

the pointy end

1. humorous slang The front of a boat, used especially in reference to cruise ships. There's a full gym up near the pointy end, if you're feeling a little sluggish during the cruise. Let's go up to the pointy end and see if we can spot the whales breaching!
2. humorous slang The tip of a blade, especially a sword. When he first started fencing, he barely even knew where the pointy end went—now he's one of the top fencers in the country.
See also: end, pointy


slang A pretentious, self-important intellectual. It's all well and good for these pointy-heads to theorize about the roots and causes of our poverty, but all those words don't do a damned thing to put food on our plate! The last thing we need is another pointy-head with a fancy degree coming in here and telling us how to do our jobs.

pointy end

n. [of a ship] the bow. (Jocular term heard on cruise ships.) The dining room is up at the pointy end.
See also: end, pointy


n. a studious thinker; an intellectual. (see also conehead.) The pointy-heads seem to be living in a world of their own.
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In the end, Pointy Shoes and Pith Helmets is a valuable contribution to the study of Ambonese, Indonesian, and colonial history that fascinates from beginning to end.
In Bahrain, pointy shoe lover Yasmin Elisabeth, 22, a corporate communications officer, from Riffa, said: "When were pointy shoes really out of style - that is the question?
Sharply contrasted with Mackin is Pointy (Michael Jai White), a local gangster who considers himself a Renaissance man.
A pointy pair that's flat in the sole, and sexy-thin yet easy on the height is the way to go.
For example, millions of years ago, a group of insect-eating bats with pointy teeth may have started to eat fruit.
Whether it's weird toes, thick calves or pointy elbows, every girl hates something about her body.
He also has a large, pointy nose and was wearing a dark jacket and a dark collarless top.
The latter, in ceramic and painted fiberglass, were floor-based female forms, evocative of sand castles or melted candles, mud pies or chocolate kisses, shitlike pseudoarchaic Venuses with huge breasts and bellies, tiny hands and feet, and vestigial heads--in a few cases, butterflies were perched on their pointy necks.
I'm not a violent man, but I hope if I ever get my ass kicked it's by Jim Hightower since, unless he kicks with those pointy silver-toed boots they favor down there, I know I'm going to walk away.
We think Snoop should whisper quietly in Flav's pointy ear that a change of gear may be needed if he is to strike it lucky with a lady on his reality television show Flavor of Love.
The pointy top helps the tree withstand high winds.