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I suspect, also, that some of the cases of compensation which have been advanced, and likewise some other facts, may be merged under a more general principle, namely, that natural selection is continually trying to economise in every part of the organisation.
In this part of Chile there are two passes across the Andes to Mendoza: the one most commonly used, namely, that of Aconcagua or Uspallata -- is situated some way to the north; the other, called the Portillo, is to the south, and nearer, but more lofty and dangerous.
I frequently observed, both in Tierra del Fuego and within the Andes, that where the rock was covered during the greater part of the year with snow, it was shivered in a very extraordinary manner into small angular fragments.
The inhabitants all recommend onions for the puna; as this vegetable has sometimes been given in Europe for pectoral complaints, it may possibly be of real service: -- for my part I found nothing so good as the fossil shells!
I afterwards scraped some off the paper, and found that it consisted of groups of little spheres in colourless cases, each of the thousandth part of an inch in diameter.
Total quantity or scope: It consists of 58 parts with a total value exceeding 207 000.
He says structural cosmetic applications in the truck market have been dominated by painted RIM, SMC, or thermoformed parts.
consolidated tax group must complete six Schedules M-3, as follows: (1) a consolidated Schedule M-3, with Parts I, II and III completed to reflect the activity of the entire U.
Spicer expects that, if the manufacturer wants to retain a file of potentially defective parts, "chips" corresponding to areas where items are found on the surface would be archived along with a low-resolution image of the entire part.
Rubber parts present a major problem to most inspection systems, due to the soft nature of the parts and the tendency of the parts to stick together; when a large number of parts is produced at one time, the parts are usually hard to orientate and organize.
Recently, a large military contractor of sea and ground-based weapons systems successfully used this IPT approach to examine the conversion of complex and critical parts from multi-part fabrications or machined hogouts to single-piece castings using the planned approach.
No matter how hard the alloy, shredder wear parts are quickly worn down, especially the hammers.
Wear parts can account for nearly 20 percent of a recycler's costs, Aaron Benway, sales engineer for CBI Inc.
A new management system enabled through AIT and parts marking could not be implemented without major process re-engineering.
WPLS allows data and voice network operators to securely track network equipment, order parts and track shipments anywhere in the world.