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have a bun in the oven

To be pregnant. You're having a baby shower for Carla today? Wow, I didn't even know she had a bun in the oven.
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have one in the oven

Fig. to be pregnant with a child. She's got three kids now and one in the oven.
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have a bun in the oven

be pregnant. informal
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have a ˈbun in the oven

(informal, humorous) be pregnant
See also: bun, have, oven
References in classic literature ?
Steene had prepared her mince-meat, and had devoted much butter, fine flour, and labour, to the making of a batch of pies in the morning; but they proved to be so very heavy when they came out of the oven, that she could only think with trembling of the moment when her husband should catch sight of them on the supper-table.
She had not noticed any ovens in the town, but they might be there, nevertheless, for some of the inhabitants seemed very fresh.
At other times he was joined in prayer by Narau, a native teacher, who for seven years had been Lotu, ever since the day he had been saved from the hot oven by Dr.
Put him in the oven, and maybe his will get warm and revive," said Amy hopefully.
She took from the oven a coffee-cake which she wanted to keep warm for supper, and wrapped it in a quilt stuffed with feathers.
Turning to me, as she took some loaves from the oven, she asked bluntly -
Dickon made the stimulating discovery that in the wood in the park outside the garden where Mary had first found him piping to the wild creatures there was a deep little hollow where you could build a sort of tiny oven with stones and roast potatoes and eggs in it.
He searched in every corner, he turned his bed over, and shook it, and kneaded it; he looked in his brick oven where he laid his sticks.
The great oven is not so wide, by ten paces, as the cupola at St.
a wall beside the kitchen fireplace-- a little iron door belonging to a brick oven, of that old-fashioned sort that used to be heated with faggots of wood.
I was knocked headlong across the floor against the oven handle and stunned.
I do not know; I have only heard that an emperor of China had an oven built expressly, and that in this oven twelve jars like this were successively baked.
And God helps us with our headpieces and our hands as well as with our souls; and if a man does bits o' jobs out o' working hours-- builds a oven for 's wife to save her from going to the bakehouse, or scrats at his bit o' garden and makes two potatoes grow istead o' one, he's doin' more good, and he's just as near to God, as if he was running after some preacher and a-praying and a-groaning.
A primitive oven is scooped in the ground, and its bottom being loosely covered with stones, a large fire is kindled within it.
And once Gretel was inside, she intended to shut the oven and let her bake in it, and then she would eat her, too.