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Of 28 decedents identified from hospital records, we found homes of 22 (79%); homes of 6 decedents could not be located or were too remote for inclusion.
ORS optimistically presents a single low-cost vehicle launched on demand and to the proper orbit within hours of tasking.
In addition, 74% reported that ORS symptoms led to avoidance of social interactions "because they felt so ashamed," she said.
We know we can trust T-VIPS to provide us with the robust and reliable solutions we need for the launch of Austria's HD terrestrial services," said Norbert Grill, CTO of ORS.
To be a journalist or play football - I achieved neither.
Although we cannot be sure that a diagnosis of ORS might have been accurate or clinically useful for Dr Lawrence's patient, we would argue that this kind of discussion provides a good basis for explicitly including ORS in DSM-V.
Given the potential for ORS to change how DOD acquires and fields space capabilities to support the warfighter, this report discusses to what extent DOD (1) is developing ORS to support warfighter requirements and (2) has a plan that integrates ORS into existing DOD and intelligence community processes and architecture.
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 26, 2005 - (JCNN) - Wakodo will launch Aqua Light ORS, its proprietary oral rehydration solution, on October 5.
Fourth, an underrepresentation of about 9% of PVC flooring among controls cannot explain reported ORs in the range of 2-3.
Sam Barnett, a 30-year aluminum industry veteran, will represent ORS at the LVA office.
Enhanced surveillance and publicity in Canada about ORS probably led to increased reporting of the syndrome starting in the 2000-2001 season, said Dr.
Prior to 2000, reported rates of cases meeting the 2001 ORS definition were two per million in 1998-1999 and five per million in 1999-2000.
BANGOR University spin-out venture ORS Ltd -- a specialist in equipment and software that is revolutionising the production of semiconductors used in everyday electronic items -- has won significant new orders after trade visits to the United States and Europe.