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a smooth operator

If you describe someone as a smooth operator, you mean that they are very successful, often by cleverly persuading other people to do what they want. As with many people in the Foreign Office, he is a smooth operator and able to avoid conflict.
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big-time operator

and BTO
1. n. someone who does business in a big way. (The abbreviation is an initialism.) If you’re such a BTO, why are we standing here in the rain?
2. n. a man who chases women. That twit thinks he’s a big-time operator. A stud he’s not. A big-time operator needs a big-time car!
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smooth operator

and smoothie
n. a clever and quiet person, especially in reference to romantic involvement; a seducer. He thinks he’s such a smooth operator! Clare is an old smoothie till she thinks she’s got everything the way she wants. Then you see the real Clare.
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Unions may claim this will eliminate work for their maintenance members although operators will be doing nothing more than inspections and what many union agreements already allow.
In the first stage of development, Infowave will add support for the Windows Powered Smartphone to its Symmetry Pro desktop personal e-mail solution, its Infowave Mobile Messaging server product and its Mobile Application Gateway solution suite for mobile network operators.
The first, and perhaps most important, point is that mobile operators who do not embrace public wireless LANs are in danger of extinction when wireless WANs (high-speed wireless or 3G) become prevalent.
The tapes show how emergency operators are trained to calm people and collect information while directing officers to the scene of crimes.
We recommend that owners and operators of USTs understand the federal requirements and hire consultants to ensure compliance.
We realize that operations can not be delayed for weeks, or even days, while plant operators learn a new computer application.
Stephen Norwood's excellent study both tells the story of the rise and fall of the Telephone Operators' Department (a unit of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) and analyzes the factors which allowed telephone operators, especially in New England, not only to organize a successful union, but to maintain the autonomy of that union from male domination.
It is different from American-style PM where operators are concerned with machinery production and maintenance departments are responsible for machinery repairs, with little or no interchangeability between the two.
Annual Results & Forecasts for each of the above operators is covered in this report for: CY 2001-CY 2015 Quarterly Results & Forecasts are covered for: March 2003 - June 2013
Infowave Software (TSX: IW), a provider of wireless software for mobile professionals, corporations and network operators announced recently the launch of the Infowave Mobile Application Gateway.
When AT&T broke up in 1984 - the date that Trela regards as the end of the world she knew - there were 40,000 operators, according to Robin Sayre, a spokeswoman for AT&T in New England, who said that half went to regional companies.
Furthermore, the operator's work station can be linked to those of other operators and they, in turn, can all be linked to the company's business system computer (MIS).
Clients will find the information easily accessible, comprehensive, and exceptionally relevant to enable them to make sound business and investment decisions about mobile operators and vendors strategies.