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heart of oak

A trait said to belong to a very emotionally and/or mentally strong person. I don't know how a soldier does it—he or she must have a heart of oak. My brother has a heart of oak and has remained totally calm while coping with his wife's sudden illness.
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all oak and iron bound

In good health. Yes, I was sick a few weeks ago, but I'm all oak and iron bound now.
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all oak and iron bound and *sound as a barrel

Rur. in good health; feeling good. (*Also: as ~.) Tom: How are you today? Bill: All oak and iron bound, thank you. Jane made a wonderful recovery from her surgery, and now she's as sound as a barrel.
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Great oaks from little acorns grow, and Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Prov. Immense things can come from small sources. Don't tell lies, not even small ones. Great oaks from little acorns grow.
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Little strokes fell great oaks.

Prov. You can complete a large, intimidating task by steadily doing small parts of it. Jill: How can I possibly write a fifty-page report in two months? Jane: Just write a little bit every day. Little strokes fell great oaks.
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reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall

Prov. An insignificant, flexible person is more likely not to get hurt in a crisis than a prominent or rigid person. Our office has new managers now; I plan to be as inconspicuous as possible while they reorganize everyone. A reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall.
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Great/Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

something that you say in order to emphasize that a large, successful organization or plan was very small or simple when it began Microsoft, which is now the biggest independent software company in the world, was founded in 1975 by just two men. It goes to show that great oaks from little acorns grow.
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mod. OK; satisfactory; worthy. (Prisons.) That dude’s oaks.
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Today the optical centre is run by Shazad Arshad who will mark his rst anniversary at Oakes in October.
The 40-year-old, of Lichfield Road, Aston, showed no remorse during his two-week trial and tried to blame Miss Oakes by claiming she had been violent towards him.
Oakes branded her a "disgrace" for aborting their child and then attacked her.
But Henry Riding, prosecuting, said Oakes began to tell his customers he was a trainedGP, claiming he had chosen to go into alternative medicine "rather than sit behind a desk writing prescriptions".
According to the taxi driver, Oakes launched his attack after becoming abusive and refusing to alight from the car.
JACK OAKES was one of the classical extroverts in Northumberland county's chequered cricketing history.
Oakes did not appear in court to be sentenced, after prison guards raised concerns
Laura's other aunts and uncle are: Mary-Elizabeth Olive (nee McBride) Richardson UE and Jeremy John Richardson; Melanie Ann Oakes.
The latter confirmed that signatures on the certificate submitted by Mr Oakes were fake and that there had never been a student with his name at the University.
It was only after Oakes's arrest that a 17-year-old woman came forward revealing Oakes had carried out an intimate examination of her under his guise as a doctor after she fell off her horse.
Her Pasadena dreaming over, Oakes was shocked to receive the gift.
After an interval of nearly two months, Oakes decided on another change of emphasis, dropping Mountain Coral to 6f and sending him to Dundalk for another 45-60 handicap.
Oakes was born and raised on the Nekaneet First Nation in south-western Saskatchewan, the eldest of ten children.
The motorist accused Michael Oakes, 35, of kicking his car as he drove away, leaving a dent that could cost hundreds of pounds to repair.
STEFAN OAKES maintained Wycombe's promotion push with a free-kick which all but ended Morecambe's play-off hopes.