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Operating or existing in perfect working order or in the best condition to be hoped for. Primarily heard in US. We've got the new engine fitted to the car now, and so far it's running A-OK! I've felt A-OK since I left the hospital last week.

rule OK

To be the best; to be the most dominant or in control; to be the most favoured or supported by the public. (Used originally in relation to football clubs or local gangs in graffiti writing.) Primarily heard in UK. Someone had come with a can of black spray paint and crossed out the big "Leeds Rules OK" that was painted on the side of the school. But in this part of the country, the conservatives rule OK with almost no opposition.
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be OK

To be fine; to be not especially good or bad. A: "How have you been?" B: "Oh, I've been OK." These fries are OK, but they're not the best I've ever had.
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and ok (ɑk)
n. October. (Securities markets: options and futures trading.) When the oks expire on Friday, we’ll start looking at the dec index. I told him to buy the “aks,” or Octobers, and he looked at me like I was crazy!


See ak


mod. in the best of condition. I really feel A-OK.


and okay
1. interj. accepted; agreed. (Initialism. From a jocular, mispelled abbreviation Oll Kerrect.) So, he said, like, “okay,” and, like, I go “okay.” So we both go “Okay.” Okay?
2. mod. acceptable. This cake is okay, but not what I would call first rate.
3. mod. acceptably. She ran okay—nothing spectacular.
4. n. (someone’s) acceptance. I won’t give the final okay until I see the plans.
5. tv. to approve something. She refused to okay our plans.
6. Go to ak.
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We view OK's revenue growth expectations as quite challenging; it is expected to increase its top line at the same pace as Magnit in 2010-14, albeit from a lower base.
OK'S Cascade is considered a pioneer and leader in providing food, showers and other logistical services at everything from natural disasters to planned multiple- and single-day biking and walking charitable events.
OK'S Cascade is a wholly owned subsidiary of A & V Acquisitions, Inc.
OK's risk management reviews help these entities better understand both the technical and commercial exposures of a project before it begins.
Over the past five years, Vladimir has been instrumental in increasing OK's presence in selective domestic and international markets.
Based in Boston, Sumner will be responsible for managing the operations of OK's New England Region.