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house nigger

highly offensive A disparaging term for a black person, likening him or her to a subservient slave, i.e., one who works in the house of the slavemaster.
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nigger in the woodpile

An outdated and highly offensive phrase that was used to describe something suspicious.
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At that time, people from the black community, slaves, were treated as niggers.
He said a group of gangs, popularly known as niggers, committed the crime.
What the hell you niggers doin up on that sign chunkin at cars anyway?
We don't keep niggers," he said, "we don't want social equality.
Nowhere in the narrative, here nor elsewhere (as in Belfast's attempts to make him comfortable), is there a sign of a color bar, but racism, introduced by the reference to Wait as "the nigger" and used constantly, becomes increasingly prominent, heralded by the description: "a head powerful and misshapen, with a tormented and flattened face--a face pathetic and brutal; the tragic, the mysterious, the repulsive mask of a niggers soul" (Nigger 11).
FOR A LONG TIME Donny was the only white guy but a couple of days ago Charles moved in and now there are two of them, two white guys, there among all those niggers and nigger-loving crack whores.
91) Adults disciplined White children by telling them that if they misbehaved they would be made to sit with niggers, consigned to the "nigger-seat," or carried away by "the old nigger.
However, Pryor, whose albums included That Nigger's Crazy and Bicentennial Nigger, said after a trip to Africa that he "didn't see any niggers in Africa.
In describing, for example, the human resources representative interviewing Sonny for a job, Weber writes: "He had that look--you know the look that said, 'I'm interviewing your black ass because I have to, but I really can't stand niggers, so don't even think you're getting a job out of me.
Referring to the departure of coach Jacques Santini just 13 games into the season, he said: 'It's like ten little niggers, isn't it?
Having gotten involved, and wishing he hadn't, only because the body is that of a child, the bargeman complains all the while about niggers killing their young.
All de niggers in the quarter be yellin', "Da Jubilee be comin'
As a pathologist of the opprobrious word, Kennedy unearths jarring facts, such as the original title of Agatha Christie's mystery: Ten Little Niggers.
George Orwell's essay against imperialism, "Not Counting Niggers," depends for its effect upon the shock and bite of the epithet, and of the foulness of the thought that it expresses.
I tell those niggers mind their business, but they don't hear me, though.