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shirt of Nessus

That which causes destruction, ruin, or misfortune, from which there is no escape. An allusion to the centaur Nessus from Greek mythology, who deceived the wife of Heracles (Hercules) into wrapping him in a garment soaked in its blood, which poisoned and eventually killed him. The government ran blindly into the arms of these loans to survive the economic disaster, but what was supposed to aid and support us ended up being the poisoned shirt of Nessus, as the debt has put a stranglehold on our entire economy over the past five years.
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the shirt of Nessus

used to refer to a destructive force or influence. literary
In Greek mythology, Nessus was a centaur killed by Hercules . While dying, Nessus told Deianira , Hercules' wife, that if she ever had cause to doubt her husband's love, she should wrap him in a shirt soaked in Nessus' blood as this would ensure his constancy. Deianira followed these instructions, but the centaur's blood was in fact a powerful poison that corroded Hercules' body and as he tried to remove the shirt chunks of his flesh were ripped away.
1922 Edith Wharton The Glimpses of the Moon It was as if a sickness long smouldering in him had broken out and become acute, enveloping him in the Nessus shirt of his memories.
See also: Nessus, of, shirt
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Adicionalmente las herramientas Nexpose y Nessus presentan una alta complejidad que si bien contribuye al hallazgo de un gran numero de vulnerabilidades ocasiona el consumo excesivo de recursos computacionales, lo cual no se presenta en UdeCEscaner.
The biggest advantage of the Nessus Security Scanner is that it is very fast.
As an example of this confusion of identity and boundaries, when the Chorus speaks in regard to Lichas's equivocations, they also refer implicitly to Nessus and Herakles (351-68):
If Pholus died from a poisoned arrow, it may be reflected that a poisoned arrow from Hercules also killed Nessus and that Chiron was also supposed to have died, accidentally, in the same way.
Deianira uses for the death of Nessus the well-known topos of the [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]: the image of blood staining the waters.
Wide--ruling envy destroyed her and a dark veil of future things, when on the banks of rosy Lycormus she received from Nessus the divine portent.
Nessus, Snort, & Ethereal power tools; customizing open source security applications.
Originally developed as a reliability assessment tool for the NASA-space shuttle main engine, NESSUS was further developed by its use in large and complex weapon reliability issues for LANL, as well as large-scale, complex aero-propulsion system problems investigated at NASA Glenn.
Nessus is an open-source scanner that runs on the Linux operating system and can scan various devices on the network to see whether these devices are vulnerable to exploitation.
Guardent's Managed Security Services are based upon TeraGuard, an open service delivery platform that makes it possible to deploy any combination of security technologies, including NetScreen, Check Point, Cisco, ISS, Snort and Nessus.
There is a drawing by Filippino of Nessus and Deianira in the Stockholm National Museum, but Hercules shot the centaur Nessus through the heart, not the hoof, when Nessus tried to abduct Hercules's wife Deianira.
The authors, who are managers at Ernst & Young's advanced security center, discuss Nessus, Ettercap, Hydra, Nikto, the Metasploit framework, the PMD tool, Linux kernel modules, network sniffers, and packet injectors.
Tenders invited for Supply, installation & commissioning and warranty of nessus security center on-premises for 512 hosts with 512 agents and 2 additional scannerswith 3 years warranty