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neat as a new pin

Tidy; clean; in good or neat order. I expected Danny's student apartment to be a total mess, but is was neat as a new pin!
See also: neat, new, pin

(as) neat as ninepence

Very tidy, neat, and well-organized; in good order. After my kids made me breakfast in bed, I expected the kitchen to be a mess. But was I ever surprised to find the whole place as neat as ninepence when I came downstairs! James is so meticulous with his office, always keeping it neat as ninepence.
See also: neat, ninepence

neat as a bandbox

Impeccably dressed; stylish. A bandbox is a container that was used to store accessories like collars and ruffs. Dave, I just love that suit and tie on you! You look neat as a bandbox!
See also: neat

*neat as a pin

Cliché neat and orderly. (*Also: as ~.) Brad is such a good housekeeper; his apartment is always as neat as a pin. Joanne certainly is well-organized. Her desk is neat as a pin.
See also: neat, pin


1. mod. great; cool; fine. That was not a very neat thing to do.
2. exclam. Wow! (Usually Neat!) Neat! I’m glad you came.
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NeatMobile for Android is a part of the Neat Digital Filing System, which consists of the Neat software platform; the company's popular scanning solutions NeatDesk and NeatReceipts ; and NeatCloud for Web and NeatMobile for iOS.
Access - Android users can now use their mobile devices to quickly view all the information in a Neat Digital Filing System while on the go.
Search - NeatMobile for Android leverages OCR and parsing to transform information in the Neat Digital Filing System into searchable data.
Neat customers with limited time or large amounts of paper clutter now have the opportunity to get organized quickly," said Jim Foster, Chief Executive Officer of The Neat Company.
After signing up for a NeatCloud plan, users can order pre-paid NeatScan envelopes and boxes and ship their paper documents to The Neat Company via the United States Postal Service.
Neat will scan the documents in organized digital folders as specified by the customer.
Neat users can now find information they may have stored in multiple cloud services including Google Docs, Dropbox and Evernote.
NeatMobile also turns mobile devices into a Neat scanner by allowing users to "scan" images using the camera on their mobile device.
The Neat Sheet family size is made of the same patented, water-repellent, cloth-like nonwoven fabric as The Neat Sheet regular size but, at 71 square feet, it covers more than twice the area.
While large enough for a family and their gear at a soccer game, a picnic or a campsite, The Neat Sheet family size is light enough to be easily tucked away and carried in a tote bag or basket.
This collaboration represents Neat and OneNote's commitment to provide their customers with solutions that make it easy to access and share their paper and digital documents and manage their important information in the cloud.
Our partnership with Neat further enhances OneNote's ability to deliver all your notes and documents-in one place and with you, anywhere.
Neat can reduce these time-consuming administrative tasks at the touch of a button," explained Chris Barbier, VP, Product Management at Neat.
At CES 2014, Neat is demonstrating two-way integration between NeatCloud and QuickBooks desktop software as well as QuickBooks Online.