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mutual admiration society

A disparaging term for two (or more) people who engage in lavish mutual praise and admiration. I can't stand working with Tony and Linda. They praise each other from the moment they walk through the door—it's like they've formed a mutual admiration society!

a mutual admiration society

a situation in which two people express a lot of admiration for each other 'You haven't aged at all.' 'Neither have you and look how slim you are!' 'Hey, you two, why don't you form a mutual admiration society!'

mutual admiration society

A relationship in which two people have strong feelings of esteem for each other and often exchange lavish compliments. The term may signify either genuine or pretended admiration, as in Each of them praised the other's book-it was a real mutual admiration society. The expression was invented by Henry David Thoreau in his journal (1851) and repeated by Oliver Wendell Holmes and others.

mutual admiration society

Two or more people who lavishly praise the other person's or people's personalities and accomplishments, often far beyond what is deserved. The phrase, which is said to have originated with Henry David Thoreau in 1851, may have been used earlier. Its use as the title of a song from the 1956 musical comedy Happy Hunting that was successfully recorded by a number of singers boosted the phrase's popularity.
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Mutuals started out serving the farm market and they pretty much stayed in that situation until recently.
But NAMIC thinks farming changes have little impact on mutuals.
Restructuring into a mutual holding company is an easier and quicker process than demutualizing, said Gregg Dykstra, vice president of internal operations and general counsel for the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies.
After being a mutual life insurer since 1934, United Heritage converted to a mutual holding company last year.
Those mutuals exploring their strategic options need to consider whether they can, over the long term, control their destiny.
In a sponsored demutualization, a mutual company opts to demutualize as part of a decision to be acquired, most typically by a stock company.
Mutuals should take the appropriate steps now to ensure that they are not caught off guard and forced into a demutualization that could potentially hurt their future viability.
Mutual insurers should take steps to prevent policyholders from forcing a demutualization that could threaten the company's long-term strategy and survival.
Those conversions began with MONY Group (formerly Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York).
It converted in July 1998 to a mutual holding company structure after 119 years as a mutual, but in August 2000 its board of directors authorized development of a plan of full demutualization.
Many of these policyholders, particularly physicians or attorneys nearing retirement, have been paying into professional liability mutuals for 25 to 30 years.
In the London marketplace, the most common forms of demutualization are the acquisition of mutuals by public companies, as well as the conversion of mutuals to listed companies.
The mutual operating structure of the Mutual Partnership Program allows partners to share ideas and resources while maintaining their independence.
Thomas Parliment, PhD, an industry consultant, says the Mutual Partnership Program can be a "highly effective means of helping mutual associations garner the benefits of a large organization while keeping their autonomy and small community bank focus.
would allow mutual insurers--which are owned by policyholders--to relocate to states that
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