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Murphy's law

the way in which plans always fail and bad things always happen where there is any possibility of them doing so I'm a great believer in Murphy's law - what can go wrong will go wrong.
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Murphy's law

If anything can go wrong, it will, as in We may think we've covered all the details for the benefit, but remember Murphy's law . The identity of Murphy, if ever a real person, is unknown. Some think it alludes to (but was not invented by) a feckless Irishman named Murphy. [c. 1940]
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Mrs. Murphy

n. a bathroom. Whose turn is it at Mrs. Murphy’s?
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1. n. a potato. I spent half my tour of duty peeling murphies.
2. n. a breast. (Crude. Usually plural. Usually objectionable.) She stood about six feet tall and was turned in the light so her murphies stood out in silhouette.
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Every character thinks of themselves as a minority," adds Murphy.
Murphys Historic Hotel California's oldest continuously operated hotel offers shared-bath rooms and newer motel units.
But it was the Murphys who were the talk of Paris, the exchange rate was favourable to the dollar, jazz was burning out i n the night and "liberation" was the buzz word.
Stanley, who had received the restraining order against Dennis Stanley, to regain custody of their home at 41 Murphys Way and to remove for trespassing up to 10 other people who were living at the house.
When the video and DVD launch publicly on Tuesday, September 21st, the Dropkick Murphys will make history as the first national recording artists in the United States to ever adopt a labor organizing cause as the main theme of a rock music video.
That's when Dropkick Murphys unleash their new live album and DVD, both of which were recorded in hometown Boston s during last year's St Paddy's party.
There was a further spell of inactivity that saw Murphys Response miss out again in November, but he was back in time to take his chance in the BGRF Christmas Bonus Sweepstake and justified favouritism in his first round heat.
Tom Jones climbed to second after Kevin McDonald's double helped earn a 3-0 win over Murphys.
THE much improved Bambootcha is put forward to land the featured Murphys Irish Stout Handicap Hurdle at Killarney this afternoon.
So if anyone knows the Murphys, or if one of them see this, thanks for the flowers - they were beautiful.
The problem can be especially hard on young, growing families like the Murphys of Hermosa Beach.
That team effort, shown in the programme, involves the children contributing to everyday life in the home, which the Murphys hope will aid in the development of everyone's social skills.
The Murphys have already spent 12 weeks living out of one room in the Welcome Lodge at Sarn Services - forcing them to eat ready meals every night.
I'd say that ALL or Avail or maybe even the Dropkick Murphys are true skate bands, but not POD
Meanwhile Brymbo SC needed extra-time to shake off Swan Rhos 6-3 in the Division Three Cup in contrast to Southsea Rangers' 10-0 total eclipse of suffering Scruffy Murphys.