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But Murphy's Law means that as soon as that happens and we sit back to relax, there'll be another disaster lurking in the wings
The series gets increasingly darker and it's probably the most disturbing Murphy's Law we've filmed so far," says Jimmy.
Within a few months, Murphy's Law spread like wildfire.
30pm, while undercover cop James Nesbitt is helping drug traffickers in his latest assignment in Murphy's Law, BBC1, 9.
Murphy's Law is when anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
The new series of Murphy's Law opens with the detective at his lowest ebb.
Now he's taking the lead in his very own, tailor-made cop show, Murphy's Law, in which he plays Tommy Murphy, a troubled undercover cop with a dark past.
The lead role of a maverick cop in new TV drama Murphy's Law was written especially for him.
In really, running an enterprise is complicated, and Murphy's Law rears its head quite regularly.
Murphy's Law says that if it can go wrong, it will.
In a classic case of Murphy's Law, whatever could go wrong did and Roger arrived at Cannes late, with no chance of getting his Web site launched in time for the festival.
But a recent server malfunction had caused a three-week interruption in our nightly backup regimen, proving Murphy's Law as it applies to a technologically dependent civilization: anything that can possibly malfunction will--and at the worst possible time.
Some say the new hedging tool defies Murphy's law, because you just can't lose.
Many have been the applications of Murphy's Law (in original form: If anything can go wrong, it will).
His nemesis is what he calls Murphy's Law of Economics, "a systematic tendency for good economics to make bad politics and vice-versa.