Mud sticks

Mud sticks.

  (British & Australian)
something that you say which means it is difficult to make people change their bad opinion of someone The court cleared him of fraud, but mud sticks.
See also: mud, stick
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Mud sticks regardless of the truth, and that's not fair for those who play by the rules.
You can say he's done it to that person, this person, the other person in the hope that mud sticks.
With some people, mud sticks, the connection with these organisations, rightly or wrongly, is always there.
The problem is, once you get labelled, mud sticks and now any tiny mistake is magnified.
He'll handle all that no problem but I feel for him because people just look at the story from the outside and mud sticks sometimes.
Rugby is a small community and mud sticks, so I'm delighted that my name has been cleared and that I have been vindicated," he said.
It is painfully clear that even if these claims come to nothing, the mud sticks, with those on the receiving end having to run a gauntlet of whispers, distrust and undeserved shame.
I know they say that mud sticks but I do not think that will be the case for him.
Mud sticks, and whether or not Microsoft can quickly come up with answers overnight as to the inaccuracies in its videotaped deposition doesn't really matter to Boies.
Those who attack the premises on which Himmelfarb's ideal society is based - a combination of laissez-faire and personal morality - are attacked at a personal level: Mayhew as a hack journalist, Ruskin as impotent, and so on - on the assumption that if the mud sticks, it invalidates the big ideas, rather in the manner of Chaloner and Henderson's assiduous efforts to prove that Engels went fox-hunting.
We had to answer questions from our sponsors after our club's name was dragged through the mud and mud sticks.
What is needed now is a total clear-out as we know our new Chief Constable is starting to do, but mud sticks and there is a long road ahead for Cleveland Police.
It could prevent their lives from being destroyed because, as the saying goes, mud sticks.
As Jennings attempts to defend himself against the conspiracy theory thrown up by his red card against Hearts, McKenzie has warned him mud sticks.