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Miss Right

The perfect or most suitable woman to be in a relationship with or to marry. If you're waiting for Miss Right to just appear in your life, you're never going to find someone you'll be happy with. You have to get out there and give people a chance! After my last relationship ended, I decided to stop looking for Ms. Right and focus on other priorities in my life.
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Mrs. Grundy

One who strongly values traditional propriety. In the Thomas Morton play Speed the Plough, Mrs. Grundy is a character known for her zeal for proper conduct. You can't wear jeans to this dinner party! Your grandmother will be there, and she is basically Mrs. Grundy!

Mrs. Murphy

n. a bathroom. Whose turn is it at Mrs. Murphy’s?
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Mrs. Astor's plush horse

Ostentatious. Mrs. William Astor, the leader of New York society at the end of the 19th century, was not one to spare any expense in clothing, furnishings, or other accoutrements of the Good Life (so much for the idea of quiet old money). Her appearance and her gala parties were so sumptuous and well-known that anyone who appeared dolled up beyond normal was ridiculed as “Astor's plush [or pet] horse,” as if the formidable Mrs. A had lavished her wealth on that person as she would on a favorite plaything.
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References in classic literature ?
Weller immediately took the hint; and presenting himself in the parlour, explained his business to Mrs.
Of course, the young man can't help the faults of his master,' said Mrs.
exclaimed Mrs Boffin, laughing and clapping her hands, and gaily rocking herself to and fro, 'when I think of me in a light yellow chariot and pair, with silver boxes to the wheels--'
Noddy,' said Mrs Boffin, coming from her fashionable sofa to his side on the plain settle, and hooking her comfortable arm through his, 'Next I think--and I really have been thinking early and late--of the disappointed girl; her that was so cruelly disappointed, you know, both of her husband and his riches.
Any friend of Sir Mulberry Hawk's requires no better introduction to me,' observed Mrs Nickleby, graciously.
It is delightful to hear you say so,' said Mr Pluck, drawing a chair close to Mrs Nickleby, and sitting himself down.
To whom entered Mrs Gowan, with her favourite green fan, which softened the light on the spots of bloom.
My dear soul,' said Mrs Gowan, tapping the back of her friend's hand with this fan after a little indifferent conversation, 'you are my only comfort.
At the end of that time a lady (the same elderly lady whom they had seen at the station) called in a cab, and said that she came from Lady Glyde, who was then at an hotel in London, and who wished to see Mrs.
As this was his usual hour for having a little confidential chat with Mrs.
But I would so much like to know what was the wrong thing Mr.
Admitting that circumstances had at last declared themselves unmistakably in her favor, Mrs.
Yes, I think myself it is an encouragement to crime if such men are to be taken care of and waited on by good wives," said Mrs.
What a tedious, practical subject for you to talk about, Mrs.
After an instant's consideration, Julius hit on an idea which promised, in some degree, to remedy the disaster of Mrs.