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Mister Right

A man who is regarded as the ideal romantic partner. Marie suffered through dozens of bad dates before she finally found Mister Right.
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Mr. Right

The perfect or most suitable man to be in a relationship with or to marry. If you're waiting for Mr. Right to just appear in your life, you're never going to find someone you'll be happy being with. You have to get out there and give people a chance! After my last relationship ended, I decided to stop looking for Mr. Right and focus on other priorities in my life.
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no more Mr. Nice Guy

An expression indicating that one is no longer going to behave in a pleasant, tolerant, or carefree manner. OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy. The next person to speak out of turn gets detention.
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Mr. Big

The most important person in a group or business. Often used to describe the leader of a group of criminals. The police are determined to find Mr. Big and stop his men from terrorizing the city.
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Mr. Clean

A man with power or influence, especially in politics, who is completely incorrupt or adheres to the rules and standards of propriety. No one could believe when the candidate, who touted himself as the Mr. Clean of the election, as convicted of bribery and money laundering.
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Mr. Nice Guy

A pleasant, tolerant, forgiving, or carefree man. Often used in the phrase "no more Mr. Nice Guy." OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy. The next person to speak out of turn gets detention. Everyone knows me as Mr. Nice Guy in the office, but I'll need to get tougher if I'm going to move up as a manager.
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Mr. Nice Guy

a friendly, forgiving fellow. You II find that I am Mr. Nice Guy as long as you play fair with me. Oh, my boss is Mr. Nice Guy. He'll give me the day off, I'm sure.
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Mr. Right

the one man who is right for a woman to marry. Some day Mr. Right will come along and sweep you off your feet. I'm tired of waiting for Mr. Right. Where is Mr. Maybe?
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Mr Clean

an honourable or incorruptible politician.
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no more Mr Nice Guy

used to suggest that you will stop being lenient and begin to adopt more severe measures.
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Mr ˈBig

(informal, disapproving) the most important person in a group, an area, etc: Harry Turner, considered the local Mr Big of the criminal underworld, was found dead today at his home.
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ˌMr ˈNice Guy

(informal) a way of describing a man who is very honest and thinks about the wishes and feelings of other people: He is famous for being football’s Mr Nice Guy.I’ve given them plenty of chances, but now I’ve had enough. It’s no more Mr Nice Guy!
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Mr ˈRight

(informal) the man who would be the ideal husband for a particular woman: I’m not going to get married in a hurry — I’m waiting for Mr Right to come along.
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Mr. Big

1. n. an important man; the boss man. (Also the name of a character in HBO’s Sex and the City.) So you’re Mr. Big. I thought you’d be taller.
2. n. a nickname for the head of a group of criminals, especially one who wants to remain anonymous. Lefty was asked to pay a visit to Mr. Big, and Lefty was scared.
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Mr. Hawkins

n. the winter wind. (see also hawk.) Put something on your head, or Mr. Hawkins will cut you down.
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Mr. Nice Guy

n. a friendly, forgiving fellow. Oh, my boss is Mr. Nice Guy. He’ll let me off, I’m sure.
See also: guy, nice

Mr. Right

n. the one man who is right for a woman. Some day Mr. Right will come along and sweep you off your feet.
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Mr. Whiskers

and Uncle Whiskers and whiskers (man)
n. a federal agent. (Underworld. From the whiskers of Uncle Sam.) Mr. Whiskers is trying to get me to pay tax on those few bucks. If Uncle Whiskers finds out what you’re doing, you’re done for.
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