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movable feast

An event or occurrence that does not happen on a predictable schedule. Since Easter does not fall on the same calendar date each year, it's often called a movable feast.
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movable feast

1. Lit. a religious holiday that is on a different date from year to year. Easter is the best known movable feast.
2. Fig. a meal that is served in motion or with different portions of the meal served at different locations. (Jocular or a complete misunderstanding of {1} but in wide use.) We enjoyed a real movable feast on the train from Washington to Maimi.
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a movable feast

If an event is a movable feast, it can happen at different times or in different places. Held about 29 May, the festival was a movable feast. Working parents wish to spend time with their children after they get home, so bedtime has become a movable feast. Note: This expression originally referred to religious holidays that are always celebrated at about the same time of year, but not always on exactly the same day.
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Perfection of security interests on movable assets, especially those of unincorporated MSMEs
He adds, "Recent NBIS revisions require the development of inspection procedures for complex bridges, including movables.
Whether they swing, retract, or are raised, New York City's movable bridges are receiving a much-needed dose of care.
Movable bridges are common sights in rural areas such as upstate New York, where a dozen or so cross the Erie Canal.
Movable bridges, however, must endure the additional stresses of motion.
To address the structural, mechanical, and electrical needs of its movable bridges, New York City has implemented an aggressive reconstruction and rehabilitation program.
For a theoretical basis to accord an apparently movable property with the protections typically associated with an immovable property based on economic principles, see Athanassios Yiannopoulos, "Movables and Immovables in Louisiana and Comparative Law," Louisiana Law Review, vol.
Nevertheless, the Hague Regulations maintain an express difference between movables and immovables based on the association of a valuable economic item to land as well as its state of being at the time the occupation began.
47] Although there is arguably some room for treating water itself (as opposed to the more general notion of water resources) as a movable property, such treatment would only seem to apply in situations where the water was already captured and stored in a manner removing it from association with real property.
51] In addition to Article 52, Article 53 allows an occupying force to requisition private movable property, which may serve as war materiel, provided that the property be "restored at the conclusion of peace, and indemnities paid.
For movable state-owned water stores taken at the time the occupation began, there appear to be few restrictions other than the requirement that such stores can only be taken to meet Israel's military needs.
IFC%s Cambodia Movables Financing Development project aims to improve access to finance for underserved SMEs in Cambodia, by strengthening the country%s financial infrastructure to facilitate lending secured by movable assets.