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in the same mold

Of or in the same or similar style, fashion, or manner. Primarily heard in US. The author's newest novel is very much in the same mold as his previous work.
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be cast in the same mould

To share similar characteristics or behaviors. Primarily heard in UK. I hate the snow, but my kids just love it—they are definitely cast in the same mould. Julia and her mother are cast in the same mould, as they are both so kind and sweet.
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break the mould

to do something differently, after it has been done in the same way for a long time She broke the mould by insisting on becoming a doctor instead of a nurse. (often + of ) A new TV show is about to be launched which aims to break the mold of the usual daytime programs.
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They broke the mould when they made somebody/something.

something that you say which means someone or something is very special and that there is not another person or thing like them They broke the mold when they made Elvis. There's never been a star to match him.
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be cast in the same mould

if two people are cast in the same mould, they have the same type of character Jack is cast in the same mould as his father - intelligent, kind, but stubborn.
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