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à la mode

1. Served with ice cream. My favorite dessert is apple pie à la mode.
2. Very fashionable. Big shoulder pads were à la mode in the 1980s, but most people now would not dare to wear them.
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in one’s something mode

phr. behaving in a specified mode. (The something can be replaced by work, sleep, hungry, angry, etc.) Todd is always in his play mode when he should be working.
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The transponder powers up in SBY mode and automatically switches to ALT mode during the takeoff run.
Firstly, The TM01 to TE10 mode launcher has been optimized to achieve the purity of the desired TM01 mode in circular waveguide and suppression of undesired modes in all of the frequency bandwidth ranging from 9.
Finally, however, the book will be judged on its strength - the nuanced and magisterial interpretation of formal modes of signification.
Selection of various configurations provides a total of eight modes of injection.
Other firsts on a G series model include Optical Image Stabilization and the addition of 13 new special scene modes for a variety of shooting situations.
During the weekly and the daily rate modes, bondholders have the right to tender their bonds on any business day, following the required prior notice to the remarketing agent.
Telephonics to supply the AN/UPX-40 Identification Friend or Foe Mark XIIA Mode S, Interrogator for the USAF AWACS Aircraft
Sequoia Communications has developed the first and only HSDPA/WEDGE (HSDPA/WCDMA, EDGE, GPRS, GSM) transmitter using its proprietary polar modulation architecture for all modes.
Holders of bonds bearing interest in the weekly or daily rate modes may tender their bonds for purchase with prior notice.
Pulse-by-pulse and auto-restart over-current protection for both voltage/current modes
With more modes, bands and multimedia capabilities, wireless phone makers today are concerned with the three key metrics: component costs, size, and battery life," said Dave Shepard, CEO of Sequoia Communications.
Recent testing completed on networks from two leading telecommunications operators in China demonstrated that Datang Mobile's DTivy(TM) A2000 Dual-mode Handset Solution, powered by ADI's SoftFone-LCR chipset, proved successful operating in GSM and 3G TD-SCDMA modes and switching between networks.
The latest version introduces an all-new interface system providing distinct modes for beginners and advanced users along with 16-bit editing/RAW support and next-generation tools for high-end digital photography and creative design.
It is the first true multi-mode transceiver using a common basic architecture so that circuitry can be shared across all modes.