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from Missouri

requiring proof; needing to be shown something in order to believe it. (From the nickname for the state of Missouri, the Show Me State.) You'll have to prove it to me. I'm from Missouri. She's from Missouri and has to be shown.
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from Missouri, I'm

I'm extremely skeptical so you'll have to prove it. For example, You won the lottery? Come on, I'm from Missouri. The full expression, I'm from Missouri and you'll have to show me, dates from about 1880. Some authorities believe it alludes to the Missouri Compromise of 1820, whereby Missouri was admitted to the Union as a slave state and slavery was forbidden in certain other areas, but the connection, if any, is not clear.

I'm from Missouri

Prove it! Missouri's unofficial nickname is the Show-Me State, based on the inhabitants' reputed skepticism. One legend attributes the phrase's popularity to Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver. While a member of the House Committee on Naval Affairs, he said at an 1899 naval banquet, “I come from a state that raises corn and cotton and cockleburs and Democrats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri. You have got to show me.” Even people who didn't hail from that state could be heard to question something with “I'm from Missouri . . . you'll have to show me.”
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The Missourian runs school honor rolls and lunch menus, all sorts of local sports, weddings, engagements, births and deaths.
One Missourian who homesteaded in eastern Kansas immediately after the territory's organization believed that proximity and concerted action would allow Westerners to stymie "the hosts of the Lazarroni from the Eastern States and Cities and paupers from Europe that will be thrown into this country, .
Now the Missourian, along with the rest of the School of Journalism, is ahead of the pack once again.
is the attorney for the Missourian Publishing Association and teaches media law at the University of Missouri.
With the publication of eight sample eucharistic prayers in CW-01, LCA theologian Clarence Lee and Missourians David Scaer and Gottfried Krodel joined in the attacks on the Great Thanksgiving.
This reprises a dispute the SPLC had with the school last year, when Goldstein complained the university had violated First Amendment rights of students on The Missourian, the campus paper run by faculty, by forbidding those students from simultaneously working for J-School Buzz, an independent, student-run blog.
SOCH] expressed opposition when Heartland was granted a permit based on an October 2010, application to mine limestone on its 161-acre quarry, which is adjacent to school grounds, according to the Southeast Missourian.
In other newspaper M&A news, the University of Missouri at Columbia said that week that it is soliciting requests for proposals from commercial publishing companies to help it cover the publishing costs of the seven-day Columbia Missourian, a journalism school laboratory newspaper that has been losing more than $500,000 a year since 2003.
Louis Business Journal for his expose of a questionable local company and its Lipodissolve product; and Jessica Nunez for her "Funding Farming" stories in the Columbia Missourian about how some regional farmers got big federal subsidies, how the program works and its relevance.
presents a biography of Charles Evans Whittaker (1901-1973), the only Missourian and the first native Kansan appointed to the Court, serving from 1957-1962.
17 via email to most of his on-air news staff, telling them they should not show signs of support for any cause, according to the Digital Missourian.
The Missourian was rapidly becoming that movement's consensus candidate in the GOP presidential primary.
Every Missourian is now at risk of losing his or her home, business, farm, or church, for the benefit of politically powerful corporations," Sandefur contended.
According to a report in the Southeast Missourian, after losing its permit to operate a limestone quarry near Saxony Lutheran High School, Struck Excavating LLC of Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Mayor Barbara Lohr told the Southeast Missourian newspaper that the city first contacted Three Rivers two years ago in an effort to bring a campus to Jackson.