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The age of miracles is past.

Prov. Miracles do not happen nowadays. I'm afraid this old vacuum cleaner can't be fixed. The age of miracles is past.
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perform/work miracles

to be extremely effective in improving a situation Di's worked miracles in the kitchen - I've never seen it look so clean. These days plastic surgeons can perform miracles.
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References in classic literature ?
He must believe that the boy's coming here -to his own Regiment - in search of his Red Bull is in the nature of a miracle.
The priest said: "Behold a miracle after a miracle, for in this very attitude must all Sunnyasis be buried
X said he had not known, before, that there were people honest enough to do this miracle in public, but he was aware that thousands upon thousands of labels were imported into America from Europe every year, to enable dealers to furnish to their customers in a quiet and inexpensive way all the different kinds of foreign wines they might require.
A great miracle, indeed," said Mazarin; "for, if the news was true, King Charles II.
And your majesty touches precisely the question," replied Athos, "for without the miracle of which I have had the honor to speak, General Monk would probably have remained an implacable enemy of Charles II.
She talked to him while she drew the curtains, but he did not answer; he had remembered at once that this was the morning for the miracle.
It is a miracle," I said; it is nothing short of a miracle to transplant all the wondrous possibilities of the twen-tieth century back to the Stone Age.
Then Merlin went to the Archbishop of Canterbury and counselled him for to send for all the lords of the realm, and all the gentlemen of arms, that they should come to London afore Christmas upon pain of cursing, and for this cause, that as Jesus was born on that night, that he would of his great mercy show some miracle, as he was come to be king of all mankind, for to show some miracle who should be right wise king of this realm.
All the little sprites who went to his school--for he kept a sprite school--told each other that a miracle had happened; and that now only, as they thought, it would be possible to see how the world really looked.
Ovid tells us of a flower into which Hyacinthus was metamorphosed, that bears letters on its leaves, which Virgil recommended as a miracle to the Royal Society of his day; but no age nor nation hath ever recorded a bird with a letter in its maw.
But though a miracle of this kind might have engaged all the
And apropos of the miracle let me tell you that I think you have been asleep for the last two or three days.
In June, the nonprofit also overhauled their website, adding recent video news stories, real time social media updates, and a digital Wall of Miracles, along with the opportunity for supporters to learn about various ways to advocate.
The great Scottish philosopher and essayist David Hume had his own view about miracles in which he presented strong arguments.
Twelftree, editor, The Cambridge Companion to Miracles, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2011, ix-xiv + 308 pp.