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Mexican standoff

slang An impasse, deadlock, or stalemate from which no party involved will or can emerge victorious. Also written "stand-off." (Note: This phrase may be considered offensive to Mexicans or those of Mexican heritage.) Primarily heard in US. No one on the board of directors was willing to compromise their position on the issue, and with each of us having veto power, it looked like we were heading into a Mexican standoff.
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Mexican overdrive

The act of coasting downhill in an automobile with the gears in neutral, with the aim of either saving on the fuel or to make the car go faster than would otherwise be possible. They rolled down the mountain in Mexican overdrive, but as they reached a bend in the road, they were going too fast to control the car, and it went careering through the guard rails and into the ravine.
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Mexican overdrive

the neutral gear position used when coasting downhill. US informal
This expression originated in the mid 20th century, especially in language used by long-distance truck drivers.
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Mexican breakfast

n. a cigarette and a cup of coffee or a glass of water. After a Mexican breakfast, I went to Marlowe’s hotel hoping to catch him before he went out.
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Larger proportions of Mexican and black mothers than of white mothers were teenagers (11% and 19%, respectively, vs.
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