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be as old as Methuselah

To be very old or elderly. In the Bible, Methuselah lived 969 years. I know I'll have a long life because my grandparents were as old as Methuselah when they died. Of course she can't use a smartphone, she's as old as Methuselah!
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*old as Methuselah

very old. (Of a person; refers to a biblical figure held to have lived to be 969. *Also: as ~.) Old Professor Stone is as old as Methusehah but still gets around with a cane.
See also: Methuselah, old
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He must have had a very good day at the office, buying and selling oil and gas shares because, after The Usual Suspects star Benicio, 45, turned up at 11pm, he splashed out PS24,000 on three giant bottles of vintage Dom Perignon champagne methuselahs - eight times normal size.
RiRi laid on eight methuselahs of Champagne - each holding eight bottles - and 150 of her favourite pounds 35 Cuban cigars, as well as a Caribbean banquet.
But there are still some methuselahs available at pounds 7,500 and twice the size of a jeroboam.
From that understanding, Wade continues, "physicians can hope to develop new ways to fix the human machine and in time to correct most--perhaps almost all--of its defects" Before long, these future fixes might even allow humans to become "effectively immortal," he concludes, speculating that people endowed with such potential might want to separate themselves from lesser beings by establishing a society of Methuselahs on Mars.
These stellar Methuselahs are called "blue stragglers" because they are slightly bluer than the cluster's hydrogen-burning, main-sequence stars.
Tarantulas are practically harmless; they are the Methuselahs of the spider world, with a life span of up to 20 years, while common garden spiders are lucky to live past their first birthday.