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be as old as Methuselah

To be very old or elderly. In the Bible, Methuselah lived 969 years. I know I'll have a long life because my grandparents were as old as Methuselah when they died. Of course she can't use a smartphone, she's as old as Methuselah!
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*old as Methuselah

very old. (Of a person; refers to a biblical figure held to have lived to be 969. *Also: as ~.) Old Professor Stone is as old as Methusehah but still gets around with a cane.
See also: Methuselah, old
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Under Methuselah's University 3D Bioprinter Program, Methuselah is donating at least $500,000 in direct funding to be divided among several institutions for Organovo bioprinter research projects.
They found that Methuselah has a much higher oxygen-to-iron ratio than previously thought, lowering the age estimate even more.
Methuselah, don't worry, Inshallah there is no cause for alarm, it is just empty threats.
The Mprize, a scientific research prize aimed at encouraging scientists to find a way to reverse the aging process, is a primary activity of the Methuselah Foundation.
Small wonder that Das Methusalem-Komplott (The Methuselah Complex) has been a bestseller in German.
Redcar, Methuselah Median Auction Maiden Stakes (2yo, 6f)
In Book 4 Enoch tells his son Methuselah about the coming deluge and the history of the world from Adam to the final judgment.
Along the way they meet Auntie Collide, the voodoo priestess of Magnimarf; Moal, the rodent-like keeper of the Book of Life and Death; and Skoll and Hake, two evil wolves that try to prevent them from reaching Methuselah, who will decide their ultimate fates.
The original of this direct mail Methuselah started out with this lead: 'A friend once told me a curious story I would like to share with you.
It does not require the age of Methuselah to recall a time when things were different and when guidance seemed much more readily available and much more palatable than it is today.
There's another gene, methuselah, that when mutated extends the fly life span 35 percent, but its protein's role remains murky, he says.
Disc one features potpourris from Indigo and the Forty Thieves, Cagliostro in Vienna, Prince Methuselah, The Queen's Lace Handkerchief, The Merry War, and A Night in Venice.
WASHINGTON -- Today Methuselah Foundation launched the NewOrgan Prize, the Foundation's new longevity prize specifically focused on advancing the development of replacement tissues and organs for humans.
And, in the run-up to Easter, the familiar tones of Sir Anthony Hopkins, using his best Port Talbot accent, are once again thrilling cinema audiences across the globe as he plays "the world's oldest man", Methuselah, in the controversial biblical epic Noah.