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Ewes topped at PS95 from LH Attewell & Partners, Undy, with numerous pens of strong meated ewes PS75-PS80.
93 HOGGETS These met a selective trade with the best meated sorts pushing close to pounds 2/kg and average overall 183.
Again the best sellers were those that were meated, but not fat, for which demand outstripped supply.
Another tremendous trade with 26 grade 1 beef cows averaging pounds 1043, including a grand run of meated cows from EDE & DR Price, Mitchel Troy, which averaged pounds 1031 and topped the Simmentals at pounds 1180 (twice) and Angus at pounds 1170 (twice).
All heavy, meated cows selling to a fast trade and continue to meet excellent demand.
Heavy meated ewes to pounds 46 from J Dallyn, Chepstow and most strong ewes in excess of pounds 35.