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Kramer, a Republican who won the November 2014 election against Democrat Mayes, said he disagreed that Mayes' suspension could be perceived as politically motivated, calling it "fair and appropriate.
He said Pc Mayes had been "reckless" in using the word floppy because he knew it had already caused Pc Francis "profound distress.
Although the tournament has been organised by Mayes, the funding comes from McDonnell's relatives in the USA.
Diversity is getting people in the room," Mayes told InsideCounsel last year.
Mayes, who was by then working as a waitress, would often skip breakfast and just start the day with a can of Coca-Cola.
If you do that, you have loyalty and reason for staying," Mayes told InsideCounsel last year.
Mr Mayes, 19, said: "I'm determined for Nikitta and Kelsey May that I will make my life a success.
He had earlier told them to ignore any moral judgements after the defence attacked the credibility of prosecution witness Mayes, after claiming he flirted with a girl called Liz Taylor on the night of the killing.
Whant, a former nightclub bouncer, is the second cousin of Ryan Mayes, 17, the murdered teenager's boyfriend and father of the unborn child.
Winnipeg singer-songwriter Romi Mayes proves she's got talent in spades on her fifth album, hopefully named.
Duane Mayes was chosen director of the State Division of Senior and Disabilities Services.
Summary: The director Hani Ismail nominated the Jordanian actress Mayes Hamadan to star in his new television drama series "Habibi Al Lathi Lam Ahiboh" (My Love the One I Did Not Love)
Steve Mayes has made photographic history by becoming the first person to leapfrog a skill rating with the British Institute of Professional Photography.
Brent Mayes, who heads the reel repair department at Gainesville's Tackle Box, sees a lot that don't.
According to TrainerBase chief executive Peter Mayes, a "small but growing" number of HR, personnel and training departments told the association that the training and development functions within their organisations were being downsized or eliminated altogether, as a result of the current economic climate.